anyone watching this. What do people think about it.

Watched it for a few seconds until the hot bitch went away and I realized it’s just a show about football players…and they don’t show them playing any football. _UCK THAT!

My thoughts in no particular order:

It’s a soap opera. It’s clearly written by people who never played the game (at least not past the junior high level). It’s one big Under Armour ad. Steroids make you mean and impotent. It’s better than watching rasslin’.

I love it.

I dont know when it airs though, I always seem to stumble onto it during various nights.

its on tuesday night at 9ET…but they replay last weeks episode at 8 and replay that weeks episode at 10…

Its defininetly a male soap opera, but its entertaining…except those club scenes are horrific…and I think the episodes focusing on the young RB have been alot better than the ones where they try and focus on 16 different things.

Right, I’m not watching this for any purpose other than entertainment, and for the most part its been better than the slew of other crap on. At least its dealing with sports, as skewed as some of the aspects may be.

I’m with NewDamage on this one. It isn’t a great show by any means, but at least it’s somewhat entertaining. Most importantly, it isn’t another damn “reality show.”

My only beef with it is that ESPN has a rep of being “In” with sports. That is to say that they are in places where other major networks are not. So the avg person may belive that football players are all drug addicts, whore mongers, fags, and wife abusers. Every sterotype ever said about football poured into one team.

Exactly Colin,
When I watch the show I ask myself how can one team be so fucked up.

You’ve got a wife beater old running back.

A Linebacker who has drama with his daddy.

A gay dude who is having troubles with his sexuality.

A running back who is all coked out.

A quarterback who is hooked on painkillers and has inner turmoil with his own performance.

And now, a head coach who has cancer…

Is ESPN trying to get chicks to like this show too?

I want to see coaches meetings, pregame stuff, the pomp and circumstance of gameday, a victorious locker room, and a losing locker-room. But I guess it’s a soap opera and not a documentary…

Oh and better acting.
Those performances are forced, weak…

The NFL network launches soon, then all will be right with the world.


I like. Its entertaining. Lets leave it at that. Call me crazy, but I’m willing to bet that the show is more realistic than we think. Yes, some of the stuff gets a little far fetched, but they have to keep ius hooked somwhow…right?

I don’t think it’s all that far fetched at all. A good deal of professional atheletes are dickheads (not all). Who wants to watch a show about them? Apparently some people, not me.