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Playing with Weights vs Disciplined Scheme for Optimal Gains & Performance


Hi there T-Nations citzens, and CT, I would like feedback on my new thing I’ve been doing the last weeks :slight_smile:

I have now switched from doing strick rep shcemes, to just warming up lets say between 80-90 % RM, and from there just play with the weights, doing triples,doubles & singles, and just playing with that weight for lets say 10 minutes, and up the weight when it feels a little to easy.

The program:

PowerClean & PushPress : -Warm up to the planned weight, play with the weights untill I hit 15 reps

Snatch grip HighPulls: -Would be the same approach as C&P basicly.

PullUps: Using the same approch, but bang out 20 reps instead of 15.

Dips: Same as pullups.

Lower body is on a different day, and thats BoxJumps, Barbell Squats & BroadJumps, using the same aproach on Squats as the above exersices.

I would gladly like to know what u tihnk about this type of training CT?
and also if the exersices selection is right ?
My main goal is Strengh/performance in those exersices, but also of course the aestethics are
a good thing :slight_smile: To be honest I definatly feel like this workout give me something, at least strength wise…

BTW, love this site, in here everday !! :smiley:


I personally do not follow a specific/pre-planned approach to training. Never have. I wrote an article about that a while ago:

Some people respond better to pre-planned progressions other more to an “add-lib” approach.

When I do strength work I use ramps… I decide whether I go for sets of 1, 2 or 3 reps (or very rarely 4 or 5) and I gradually ramp up the weight until I reach the most weight I can use that day (in good form, without grinding) on the selected lift(s).

When I do Olympic lifts I use a similar approach but when I find weights that feel challenging but solid I like to “practice” with that weight (or specifically to work on perfecting technique with a challenging weight). In that case I normally use a “timed practice period” instead of a specific number of sets… for example “snatch 25 minutes at an RPE of 8/10”

When I do my hypertrophy work I only use isolation exercises (well 90% isolation) and perform variations of rest/pauses (see today’s article) for 2 sets per exercises and 2-4 exercises for the muscle group(s) I train on that day.


Do you use rest-pause also for lat/upperback isolation exercises? If you do, which do you recomend ? Thanks alot!


Thanks alot for the info !

I have been playing around with many different rep schemes, including one set to failure and 5-4-3-2-1, but I find if I go to the gym and play with a certain weight, and just play around with triples,doubles & singles untilll I get a lets say 15 reps, I get the benefits of really focus on technique, performance and so on. I feel like I really get to master the weights, and own the weights before I put more plates on, and by doing that also reduse the chance of injuries…

For more hypertrphy I like to use high rep machine work for chest & back, and for Shoulders I have fallen in love with this “snatch grip” Behind neck press -> PushPress combo 10+10…More like finnisher work after my main exercises :slight_smile: