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Playing Tag Isn't Cool?


i dunno if this has been posted yet (i ran a quick search on here with nothing being found) but I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention.

As a former fatty i am appalled, let's take away one of the few games kids actually play at recess because its 'rough' and may hurt feelings. Maybe it would be better if all elementary schools just had smoking groups at recess so kids could sit around and smoke, that way the kids will not feel left out when they proceed to high school. It could be very mentally scarring for a child. For goodness sake I work at children's camps all summer long (teaching a computer class), and when I see 10-13 year old kids in my class who do not know how to throw a ball, or the rules of baseball/hockey/ etc. I want to throw up. maybe if we cut the sissy crap way of raising kids we wouldn't have a problem with misbehaving kids who were never disciplined. My 2 cents, and im not even American, what do you American's think of this?


I just tune this stuff out at this point. The world is full of stupid people, can't care about them all.


...and the world takes yet another step toward being completely pussified!


You mean the US?


It is simple. There are too many fat kids and they can't hold their own in a game of tag. Or they are just pussies. If fatties and pussies can avoid things that make them feel bad about themselves then what reason will they have to get in shape or toughen up. Now those kids are probably sitting around playing a gameboy or something instead getting fresh air and having fun.

My dad said back in his day they had rock fights. Look at us now. Kids aren't even tough enough to play tag. And no face shots in dodge ball, what the fuck is that all about!


You know, sometimes protecting people from the ills of the world is not the right answer.


I recall an incident back in fourth grade when I recieved a bloody nose while playing Smear the Queer. I continued playing . . . another kid told on me, our teacher came out, and bam. No more contact sports. F That


Shit, throwing rocks at each other is what I used to do and I'm only 22! The rate of this "pussification" is alarming. Thankfully only the strong will survive.


we didn't have smear the queer on my playground, what is it?


Basically pick the queer and everyone chasing him trying to tackle him..then someone else is the queer


Smear the Queer? One kid runs with the ball, usually trying to score a touchdown or something, while everyone else (usually between 8 and 15 kids) tackles him. No one ever scores. Obviously, this is the greatest game ever.


heh, in another vein, anyone else used to get swim goggles and bb-guns and play a form of paintball before there were paintball guns?


Thats messed up. My brother and I used to play wrestling next to the electric fence on our farm. You lost when you got your ass buzzed.


We called it "Cream the Carrier". Basically, yeah, you attempt to tackle/kill whoever is holding the ball.



Did You ever play a game called "red rovers"? Bruised 3 ribs playing that. Went to the school nurse and she gave me 2 aspirins and told me to get out and play.

How the hell did we make it past age 10?


Hell, dodgeball, red rover, smear the queer, trading punches, etc. were the norm when I was in elementary school. You weren't a pussy if you participated, good at them or not.


And don't forget "open chest." I played that until I was 24. I can't remember how many times I just got blasted walking down the hall.


Smear the Queer freakin' rocked!! I remember our teachers telling us we couldn't call it that anymore. It then became known as "kill the man," but we all knew what it was really called.


Smear the Queer was great. We weren't allowed to play it but we did whenever the people weren't watching. Tackle football was similar; we played it mainly on rainy days when the teachers didn't want to be outside.


Oh yeah, and "cup checks". That was a good one too.