Playing hard to get or just not interested?

Hi fellow T-Men.
I am in need of your expertise once again in the chicks department.
I met this gorgeous South African girl last Thursday in a bar, and we got on really well. The wine was flowing and we ended up snogging eachothers lips off. She agreed to go out with me sometime, and we were texting eachother that night.
I sent her a few texts the next day, and she replied staight away. She said she’s normally free on Sundays, so I rang her on Saturday to ask her if she was free on Sunday but she said she had already made other plans. I asked her when I’d be able to take her out and she said ‘Uummmm i don’t know’. The thing is I can’t get over this girl cos she was just drop dead gorgoues, maybe too good for me, out of my league I guess. Do you think she’s playing hard to get, or simply not interested? - Considering she does text back straight away makes me think she might be interested.
My mates have told me not to keep texting her, because if I keep hounding her she’ll be put off and think I’m desperate. Should I wait a few days and text her Friay and ask her out for next Sunday? - Anyone got any suggestions as to what I could text her? - I was thinking something like 'Hi babe how are u, when she replies, I’ll text back with ‘When was the last time you sat in a park on a nice hot day, with a nice bottle of champagne and a nice young man feeding you champagne and strawberries’?
Please guys help me out here I can’t get over her.

Yea, I’d space myself out a bit. Calling, texting or constant communication is equivilant to being up someones ass. Which is a turn off for both man and woman. Let her do her things, wait a couple of days and talk to her gauge it and ask her out if it sound positive, don’t if its negative. If she wants space give it to her, just not too much. Once she you go out, ram a burger down her thoat, ram your spam-dagger into her greased pimento-loaf, and then make her take a cab home…Damn, sometimes I am so romantic, I bring a tear to my own eye.

Jay: Like Pat and your mates said, don’t press the situation. Send a quick message once every 3rd or 4th day just to say hi. Sounds like she may have a steady, but got caught up in some hot and heavy action with you on a night out. Maybe she digs you but does’nt want to jeaprodize her current situation. Play it cool, but stay in touch. BTW, there’s no such thing as out of your league. Even the hottest chicks gotta date someone, might as well be you. Good luck

 Definitely refrain from texting the girl, cuz texting when she doesnt want to be texted, even though text is being thrown at her by a goddamn texter, is no good, and wont motivate her to text you when you do text her. 

  What the fuck is up with the new word?

You think you could, maybe, speak plain english for a bit when asking a question? whats that? its 'ax some text'? My bad.

Don’t msg her and hound her everyday or she’ll find you annoying and desperate. Space it out. I’d not msg her for at least 4 days.

FYI – if a girl’s REALLY interested in you, she’d go out with you even if she was busy, even for a quick lunch or dinner. At one point I was working over 130 hrs/week, and I still had to eat, etc. and I did get away for about 45 mins to 1 hr for dinner (not for lunch tho…but dinner, yes cuz I had to get away from work for a while or I was going to shoot myself).

If you’ll allow me to quote the Movie “Swingers”…

“How long will you guys wait to call your beautiful babies?”

“six days”

I feel your pain though brother, its tempting to call back right away because you feel the need to conquer, to swoosh in and lay down the seed, get another nick in the bedpost, especially from someone that’s so hot.

But you can’t dude, you just cant call back. Give it some time. Your patience will be rewarded. Or, you’ll find out she has a bigger cock than you and you’ll lose all faith in the the female species.

In any case good luck

“6 days”


Diesel I didn’t understand what you meant by some of your comments. Please could you explain what you meant by the comments I copied and pasted from your reply to my post:

"What the fuck is up with the new word?

You think you could, maybe, speak plain english for a bit when asking a question? whats that? its ‘ax some text’? My bad."

My man, here’s the 411 4 U. The textin’ is jus’ plain gutter man. U text Ur homeys and Ur posse; no way U text a hot chick. If U want 2 go Bam! U need to work the skillet brother, not be thumbin’ the pad. U got 2 B all the way live with the girl. Get in the circle and don’t B in the square. U need face time not little bitty screens.

Get it?

“Texting” for a date is just plain wrong as far as I’m concerned.

Whatever happened with the girl who was “afraid of the penis” back in December, or was that a different Jay?

Good God, man! Where are your balls?! Not to mention your dignity. DO NOT…repeat…DO NOT text her again. Ever. Fucking ever. Call her. Once. Tell her you understand her having a tight schedule and that she should call you whenever she’s in the mood for your company. Ball = her court. Your balls = your court.

Is she truly interested? Who knows. She was interested enough at one point to make a spectacle of herself with you (undoubtedly entertaining) but with your ridiculous amount of desperately groping attention, you may have pushed her out of reach now. Whatever you do, do NOT play the pussy for this chick. Doing so affirms your fear that she is way the hell out of your league.

~karma~ well put… I wouldn’t chase her but you let her know that your intreasted… She may not be out of your leauge… Just let her know your intreasted. If she’s intreasted she will make time for u…

Hey man every chick is looking for the Alpha Male!!! So take controle just give her a ring and explain your situation ( tell her you would’nt mind taking her out one night to supper or some shit like that) and let her make the move after that if she’s really interested you’ll get a call within 3 to 4 days. Just make it seem like she should want you and not you want her. Then when she calls back you already know your in the sac!!!

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to text her today, can’t stop thinking about her. I asked her out for Sunday and she told me she was seeing her boyfriend. She did mention that she was kind of seeing someone but said it wasn’t serious. Now I’m heartbroken, thanks for all your advice, I’m off to drink myself to death.

I don’t play the “hard to get” routine. If some chick wants to do that, my interest is gone and she will find herself by herself.

Fuck “hard to get.” If two people are interested in each other, then they should stop playing games.

I don’t have the time or patience for such crap.

And if she has a boyfriend, then fucking back off and don’t even bother sticking around. She’s looking to “set something up” with someone new before letting go of the old. Fuck that shit!


You’re getting ‘heartbroken’ over a chick you don’t even know.

Snuff it up. Get back in the gym, use it as motivation if you want, but you really didn’t even know this chick well enough to elicit any sort of emotional response.

I second Ike.

Keep pursuing her until you fuck 'er … Then leave her ass out in the cold and never talk to her agian…Let her know the only thing good about her is her vagina…:slight_smile:

She feels guilty for messing around with you. Let her come get some action on the side when she wants it, that is, if you can keep your heart out of it. If you can’t, don’t talk to the slut again. If you can, you’ve just found out that taken women are wonderful outlets for no-strings-attached sex.

And what’s up with this texting bullshit? That’s even lower than emailing someone to go out with you.

We need Juity back. I’m sure he’d have some damn good advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments Jarred.
My problem is I fall for women too easily. I find it hard to keep my heart out of it, I wish I could just shag em and leave em, but I can’t, I end up getting emotionally attached.

She had some wine and went “snogging” with you while having a boyfriend. Enough said…put your energy and fine self elsewhere.

Hey man sorry to say but you got played!!!But now what you got to do is get your heartbroken ass in the gym and start pumpin some IRON man!!!Just forget about the chick just think if you keep getting bigger and looking better then she’s gonna be the one chasing after you and then you’ll be able to lay into her then chuck her to the curb once your done!!!but first get into the gym bud!