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Hey just curious, but did anyone read the article in the new Playboy(w/Pam Anderson on the cover)?? There was a somewhat interesting article about he perils of AS use…

DanK: A LITTLE off topic; but are the ladies in and on the covers of musclemags starting to look “hotter” than the ones in “Playboy”? (Maybe a little less exposed, but not by much! (smile! :)—!!!

DanK…I’m in the middle of it right now…but for some reason, I’m just having difficulty concentrating and sticking to it with all the distractions:-) I’m about halfway thru.

Timbo its going to be tougher to finish that article with the pages all stuck together.

Who cares about the perils of AS use, is Pam Anderson totally nekkid? Does she have a fluffy bush or is she shaven? Inquiring minds want to know!

I haven’t picked up a copy yet but I heard she is completely shaven and she even gives the camera the money shot! Not common for Playboy.

Pammy is Pammy…what more can you say? In all seriousness, she REALLY seems like a sweet lady, with a lot to offer (no cracks about her “skills”, okay?) What’s up with tolerating wife beating druggies like Tommy Lee and now some dude from “Poison”? Who/what is “Poison” anyway?

By the way…the article was well written. I think that the author may have been stretching it a bit, however, when he said “…steriods are the drug of choice on college campuses…” I doubt it…