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Play Squash?


Does anybody here play squash? I recently got into it when I moved to the east coast and now I am addicted...

It is really fun and a great workout... can you see any drawbacks in substituting it for cardio?

I thought it sounded kind of yuppy at first, but it is really fun..


i like squash alot. it's hard. you have to think ahead and execute. there's very little room for anything but precision. i don't get to play so much because people don't want to waste their time playing you if you're not good( i'm not bad but i'm not good either). but i do hit solo as a cool down after lifting pretty often. thing is the better you get the less workout it is !


Swivel's comment is sad but true... when I play it's like a herd of buffalo running amok but when I watch the gym pros they freking glide to & fro for every shot... The game I think is easier for the leaner crowd...

A buddy of mine lost a hell of a lot of weight when he mixed his lifting, proper diet, and LOTS of squash into his workout regimen... something along the lines of 60+ lbs...

I have to do more cardio.