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Play-off thread

I am shocked no playoff threads yet. So who do guys think is going in the SuperBowl after this weekend? Here’s my predictions and why. I like the Colts because they have a run game. I expect Bilichiek throw a lot of diffrent defensive looks at Manning and Manning won’t be effective throwing. But, I think they will be effective with the run game though with James and Rhodes my prediction for the score is Colts 21 vs Patriots 18. And as far as the NFC goes it should be Cariolina winning also because of the run and defense. Philly doesn’t really have a run game. Again this should be another close came but a touchdown instead of a field goal. so Panthers 33 Egales 26.

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Philly doesn;t have a run game?? What have you been smoking fitone?
Buckhalter, staley, Westbrooke and Mcnabb. That sounds like a pretty good running game to me. They don’t have one person who rushes for major yards because all four of them get touches. Deuce Staley had the highest yards/carry in the nfl, and Mcnabb set a record with his rushing last game.

what happened to “defense wins championships?”

Eagles this year! McNab is on. Staley is on. Akers is the second most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history. Got a good feeling about them.

PDOG, Defense does win Championships and that’s why it will be the Patriots against the Panthers in the Superbowl and the Patriots will get there 2nd Championship.

I have to agree with HHH. I believe the pats are extremely tough on both sides of the ball. With the cold and crowd noise, Manning will have his work cut out for him, running game or not. As for the Eagles/Panther game, it is going to be a brawl. I think Carolina will run all over the Eagles and the game will be decided by 7 points or less. Carolina winning, of course.

Pats all the way! And fitone: The Colts?? What running game??? That’s almost like saying that they have a defense. LOL

Manning vs. McNabb. Olds school pocket-type mental qb vs. new-age athletic make plays happen qb.


I find it funny that people continue to site that the Eagles have trouble stopping the run, yet right now, are 13-4 and hosting the NFC Championship game. They are not the best team in the NFL, but they win. Last time I checked, thats the only stat that matters.
I loved it when all the “experts” proclaimed the Packers as a lock, since Irv Farve was playing from beyond the grave. Eagles found a way to win. Don’t give me luck either, the Panthers got another chance because of Mike Martz being a big wuss…just like the eagles did when Mike Sherman wussed out. The Panthers beat up a horrible Cowboys team, and beat a Rams team that couldn’t beat Detroit with Home field on the line.
Lets not forget that the Eagles beat the Panthers in Carolina earlier, and yea, the Panthers rushed all over the field, but, in the end, Eagles won. Now to debunk the idiots who say that Kasey cost the Panthers the game…he missed 3 or 4 kicks…on a sunny day in carolina. Try kicking in the swirling, frigid winds of Philly. Close game, but Eagles win.

In the AFC, I think it will be a good game. Patriots may win on home field advantage alone, but the Colts are pretty good. Close one, but Patriots win.



Performances of these four players is going to determine the AFC championship game. The weather, the pressure, the hype… awww man, the hype…

The MVP vs. the Dude who’s been to the dance and got first prize.

I get pumped up just thinking about this damn game, you coulndn’t have asked for a better AFC playoff series. The Pats defending their home turf against the other MVP, the Colts strolling into Arrowhead and blowing up the Chiefs. As far as I’m concerned, this is going to be the best game in recent history.

I’ve followed Payton, listened to his interviews as well as followed his stats and personality traits. Is he the Favre of the future? Is he going to be the high water mark of what every QB aspires to be?

Tune in to Gillete Stadium folks, it might be frigid, but the planets have aligned to give us the marquis event. I think we’ll be telling our kids about this one.

Oh yeah,
Philly is going to manhandle Carolina, especially now that Davis is potentially out. Donnovan and Deuce, that combo is fantastic. Mcnabb has proven himself, and is going to carry his team to the promise land.


I hope it’s not Carolina-New England. A 6-3 final would be a real electrifier. Not to mention the confluence of fans with two of the most annoying accents native to the U.S. Today on his show Jim Rome was talking about some instructors at a martial arts school in Charlotte who were offering to escort Panthers fans to the game in Philadelphia so they wouldn’t get beat up if they wore Carolina gear or the Eagles lost and they cheered just a little too loudly. I thought that was hilarious, but you know it’s true. If the Eagles don’t convert every 3rd down the fans get angry and boo. I can’t believe they serve alcohol at the “linc”. I guess they didn’t put a jail under the new field because they couldn’t build one that held 76,000 people.


That’s hysterical. And even though I’m from Foxboro, I gotta agree with the “accent” dig.

Did someone forget about DeShaun Foster? Also, Davis did practice friday I think he’ll go on Sunday no way your going to sit him out.

Colts/Eagles or fuck it.

Panthers and Patriots? I won’t even watch the damn game if that happens.

Fitone, yea, foster played well last week. But once again, people have rushed against the eagles all year, but 13-4 with home field is pretty good.
Why am I argueing football with a guy named Silas?

forget the dome theroy also Colts beat the Chiefs outside and it was pretty cold out there also.


Who knew that the only Manning that would show up on Sunday was playing for Carolina…


that could be the best quip i’ve read in regards to the playoffs . . . BRAVO!

new england is going to go ALL THE WAY . . .

I don’t think NEW ENGLAND is going to win the Super Bowl. Unless Antowian Smith proves me wrong. He got lucky and showed up to play last weekend. Although, he hasn’t been consistent enough during the session. But, then again this is the Super Bowl he may turn on the afterburners.

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