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Plaxico Gets Two Years


If he's a good boy he will serve twenty months.(profootballtalk.com)

I almost feel sorry for the guy. Glad the Steelers dumped him.


it was pretty much a given and I don't think the people that gave it to him (minus the DA) wanted him to get a full 2 years, but thats the price you pay for LAWS with absolute sentences. Want's the point in having judges?


It doesn't add up. Stallworth killed a man and did a few days.

He carries a gun it slides down his pant leg, accidently goes off an he gets shot. I figure the punishment he gave himself should come into play. That said, who takes a gun into a night club?

Burress and Pac Man's boys I guess...they just the ones who got caught.


2 years really isn't that bad for an ILLEGAL firearm going off in a public place. Lucky if you ask me.

Plus he'll have plenty of time to write one of those 'For Dummies' books.

I think he can name it... "How to f*** up a $35 Million dollar NFL contract after winning the Super Bowl in New York for Dummies"


JGerman - you forgot to mention... not only did he kill the man... it was driving DRUNK. he got out earlier than the 30 days to boot.

ONLY! my friends... in America.


he shot himself and he's going to jail for it



I think Stallworths lawyers already got his probation reduced on top of the original bullshit sentence. Not sure I would get that consideration in the same circumstances. Sucks to be poor.


Plaxico should have hired someone from the same firm as Stallworths lawyer or something, haha.


Absolutely heinous sentencing.

Fucking New Yorkers.


I swear these NFL babies are so spoiled with their salaries and contracts. If I made money like that, I would be so clear of any illegal bullshit, and just enjoy the ride.


I asked some of my international friends about what money can buy (in terms of justice) in their home countries. Compared to that, America is actually one of the strictest countries.



fame and all that attention and "yessir" stuff must make you lose a bit of perspective though


Nugga's gotta be armed dawg


Funny, I was talking to my wife about just that thing and came to the opposite conclusion. If I made money like that I'd take advantage of the fact that I can at least pretend that I'm a free man. Guess money doesn't fix it all though.



If he doesn't get picked up by an nfl team after he gets out he can make a rap CD like fifty cent!


Stallworth also had a financial settlement which helped.


He had to make conscious effort and follow through with a number of actions to carry that gun into a nightclub.

He worked hard to get that sentence and deserves every second of it.


stallworth had to make the conscious decision to booze up right before he got behind that wheel. does that make him any less of a felon?

someone shot himself in the leg and had to go to prison for it. thats insult to injury. someone else killed an old man and got a slap on the wrist. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of the american justice system.


Ha HA a gun ain't a fashion accessory for a fake ass thug.


You said it man, what a fricken mess. Wasn't vick tourturing animals to death cause they lost their fights?I don't think he didn't even do two years in jail. I think it would really increase ticket sales if the eagles tortured his ass like he did to the dogs if he loses a game!