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Plax Gets 2 Yrs: Bulls*%t and Smart


So Plaxico Burress got sentenced for 2 year in prison for carrying an unlicensed fire arm. As you would probably know the whole thing is about an incident that happened last year where Plax, at a nightclub accidently shot himself in the leg. The blogs and gossip sites ate the shit up until it got serious. Today he was sentenced.

According to TMZ things got quite emotional as the sentence was affirmed. Plax had to say goodbye to his wife and little son, hugging them both and eventually tearing up. The rest of the family in the courtroom also began crying.

The ordeal is unfortunately ironic. The guy gets put in jail for shooting himself. Of course the sentence revolves around the unlicnesed firearm but you've already got people like Al Sharpton and the NY Giants publicly stating their feelings of remorse and discontent with the outcome. In my opinion the sentence reflects a rebuke of the celebrities get off easy ideology and also a emphasis of the crime to publicly show the consequences of carrying unregistered guns. In that sense the sentence was smart.

However it does come at the expense of a man who has to live those consequences. There's probably a lot of other types of "criminals" that deserve jail time like this but didn't get it (cough CB cough). And there's also the point that relatively minor incidents like this (in the context) congest our federal prison system.

Yeah he commited a crime but the guy shot himself. Thats punishment and justice too. However someone needs to be an example 'what ya get when you carry unregistered guns.' I dunno though because he'll probably get parole pretty early in my opinion.

For Plax and T.I before him, good luck bros.


Would you feel different if there was a ricochet and someone got shot? I think that's why he didnt get off. Why would he need a strap anyway? I'm sure he travels with an entourage of more than 10 people when he goes out.


Let me start off with I'm a gun fan, I own guns, I want to own more guns, I have a permit to carry a hand gun so lets not make this into a guns are bad thing but.....
I understand what you're saying guy shot himself and that should be punishment enough but lets think about it.

  1. dude has all the money in the world, he can hire body gaurds to protect him, he doesn't need to carry a gun, if he does he's probably doing something on the side other than playing football.

  2. He carried a .45 Glock in his sweat pants into a club filled with people. Anyone who's ever been around a Glock knows there is no saftey and should be carried in a holster. He's lucky he shot himself and didn't kill someone else. I carry a Glock 19 9mm, in a holster with a trigger block made to pop out quickly when needed.

  3. He carried a .45 Glock into a BAR, this is a fucking huge mistake. In Missouri (my state) even with my CCW if I carry a gun into a bar its a felony and I can carry legally! In NYC you can't even get a CCW as far as I know.

  4. He's a dip shit for carring a gun, into a bar, in sweat pants, during the season, I can't tolerate stupid people especially when it comes to guns, you just don't fuck around with that kind of power.

  5. If I heard right he didn't even get the book thrown at him, the mayor wanted him under the jail for as long as legally possible. Wonder how long he'd have gotten had his round went through the floor and killed some one????

  6. Fuck'em.

I feel bad for his family but if you're dumb enough to do all these things then maybe you need a time out.


2 years? WTF

Especially since Dante Stallworth got something like 30 days for killing a pedestrian while drunk driving.


That whole situation is just full of fail. While I don't agree with the law of the unlicensed firearm, I also don't have a problem with Plax going to jail for being a moron. But it sucks that now he's considered a felon and will have rights stripped away for the rest of his life. IMO it should really be a misdemeanor. I know all the woulda coulda shouldas about the bullet possibly hitting someone, but it didn't.

Obviously if the bullet struck and either injured or killed someone, let him play center in the prison shower football games for a long long time.


I agree with most of what DDay said but according to Plax on E60 he was wearing black jeans, not sweat pants. I heard the same thing prior to the interview so who knows.

He will be tranferred to minumum security soon but the State of NY is taking it as their personal responsibility to protect him while in jail. This may mean isolation most of the time. That has got to play with a person's mind.

He will only serve 20 months on good behavior.

Last thing, who give a fuck about TI....


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpgL5kuBpMA&feature=fvst lol


I thought the 2 year sentence was a result of mandatory sentencing in NY city for crimes involving guns. If that is the case the judge has no choice. I agree that this is silly but isn't it the legislature that people should be complaining to?



I think he got off lightly. I think they should throw the book at celebs. Just cause your famous and make lots of money should not excuse you from the law. This sets a bad example for the rest. Cause he is famous he should get worst and made an example of. Fame and fortune should have its price and that is one of them.

If that was a regular d00d that did that he would be facing a much tougher time. This guy will not be hurting even from 2 years. Cause he is going to get out in 6 months for good behavior cause he can afford the appeal process.


He pled guilty so there will be no appeal.


Buy the ticket, take the ride


Wow I didn't know that...ok most people say I was innocent etc etc ...I give him props for pleading guilty but that still does not change my opinion on the verdict.


Props for pleading guilty? LOL HE HAD NO CHOICE AND HE HAD NO DEFENSE. They attempted a defense at the grand jury proceedings (rare in and of itself - indictments are almost a certainty and they are not normally vigorous defended by the accused) that amounted to nothing more than "yeah, I did it, but please don't indict me because I'm sorry and oh, I play for the Giants". He was facing a mandatory MINIMUM of 5 years. He was able to get that down to 2. Don't say props for pleading guility as if he committed some magnanimous act of contrition - it was a save-my-ass plea to take the 2 instead of getting the sure 5!

And by the way, from the very beginning, he engaged in a pattern of cover-up - starting with his visit to the hospital. He gave the State a reason to get a hard on. And at the end of the day, he did not have a defense to the crime. It wasn't like he was riding in a car with 3 other guys and he could say, "it wasn't mine". There are some cats right now in his situation doing the 5.

At the end of the day, he's an idiot. If you feel sorry for him, you are succumbing to the allure of celebrity. Do you feel sorry for the dude doing his 5 for the same crime? (PROBABLY NOT) Do you think anyone should be able to carry a gun into a nightclub of all places - where alcohol is served? (NO) Was there a good reason for him to carry a gun? (NO) Were there any mitigating circumstances to his crime? (NO)

F Plaxico Burress. Go do your time.


So if he accidently shot somebody else should he get Jail time?



But he didn't.




Dday pretty much said everything.

Hijack: Voodoo Chile, where in the name of God did you get that clip in your avatar!?


Doug is correct, if you plead guilty you cannot file an appeal. Also, if you represent yourself as your own attorney, you cannot file an appeal based on ineffective assistance of counsel, because you fucked yourself basically.


I'm still pissed at Plax for fucking up the Giants' season last year. I don't get it; he asked for a new deal and the Giants gave him his money. You'd think with a ring and money he'd be happy but he was a huge distraction last year, even before this gun incident.

If he would've just kept his head on straight and focused on being a part of something great, there's no doubt in my mind the Giants would've repeated as SB champs last year. They owned the league up until that shooting and then things went to shit b/c of his distraction and absence from the team.

That said, I still think the 2-year sentence is a bit steep but hey, it could've been a lot worse. Lucky for him he didn't accidentally shoot anyone aside from himself with that gun that night.


To tell you the truth I'm glad he got 2 years. If anyone knows how hard it is to lobby for more gun rights and less restrictive laws they would understand all the hard work that is put into debating/arguing and fact finding to assure other politicians and their voters that shit like this doesn't happen. That people can be responsible with weapons and show people that they really only use it for self defense.

During most of the debates that I've been to at the town hall the only solid thing Gun owners have is that they bring up the statics of people with permits are more responsible with guns and 99% of the time don't break the law or abuse the right to carry. When people do stupid shit like this all the Brady Campaign has to do is bring up this one and it really does hurt the cause.

I hope he has time to think about how guns aren't fucking toys and how lucky he was not to of shot someone