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Platform Etiquette Question

I know a lot of people train at specific Oly gyms or at home so then this obviously doesn’t apply…

If you are training at a non-specific Oly gym…

Then what do you suppose the etiquette would be regarding use of the platform?

I’m thinking deadlifting in particular.

Yes, or no??

Why would people want to deadlift with an Oly bar?

I know it is easier to lift the weights 2 at a time off the floor with a bendy bar than it is to do a deadlift (from a dead stop) but are there psychological gains around lifting heavier weights or something? Or is it a misuse of the Oly bar?


The gyms that I’ve gone to that have a platform that isn’t an Oly club you rarely get an option of bars. You use whatever they have! They don’t have good Oly bars anyway.


Imagine that powerlifting is the focus of the gym.
That there are numerous squat racks / powerstations and numerous powerlifting bars (a bit fatter than a men’s oly bar and stiffer) - in really wonderful condition.
And only one platform and oly bar (eleiko) - in sort of average condition.

Makes no real difference but I guess it’s polite to not use the Oly bar for non Oly stuff as it probably spins better then the PL bars?

But I’d never be DL anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad etiquette is stacking on the plates and then placing the bar over a bench. Happens often at my local gym. I can hear the bars screaming for my help.

And no. Not over a bench as you would when bench pressing. :wink: But resting on the actual bench, tearing at the middle.