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Platform Design

In Greg Everetts book, he suggests making the middle plywood insert 3 1/2 feet wide. This is to avoid any potential contact between dropped plates and the wood. Is this worth the extra work? Has anyone here had problems with a 4 foot lifting surface? I’d have to put 27" stall mats on either side, so I’d have to pick up a couple of 4x8s to cut. Also, do you feel that wood glue between the layers is a must?

I made my middle sheet of plywood 4 ft. wide and it’s fine. A plate occasionally hits the center wood and…nothing happens lol. They’re bumper plates so it’s all good.

I also did not use wood glue between layers and the platform has held up perfectly for 2 years now while sustaining drop after drop after drop of my Olifts, plus heavy deadlifts. Just get 2 different size wood screws. A shorter one that only reaches through 2 layers of the wood, and then a longer one that you can use on the top sheet that will reach through all 3 layers of wood.

Good luck.

I’m happy

Looks good bro

Do you think it’s a good idea to seal the top with varasol or some sort of sealant? might as well get any painting done on it now, while i’m fixing up the rest of the house.

I would leave it plain!! Varnish/sealant can make the surface slippery and is not really worth it, IMHO!!

Agreed. I didn’t coat mine with anything because I was worried it might make it slippery. Just don’t let too much dirt build up on it and you’ll be fine.

Dirt? My wife has ocd, I could poop on the platform after every workout and by the time I’d be ready to work out again, it would smell like roses! thanks for the tips, I was going to seal it tomorrow before leaving in the morning! now I’ll sleep in.