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Plates on a barbell...

Yeah, i know the subject line sounds foolish, but i was just wondering…what is the difference between the following situations: 1)you load up a bar with 295. you put two 45’s and one 35 on each side. 2) you load up a bar with 295 again, this time putting five 25’s per side. what are the biomechanical advantages & disadvantages of distributing the weight farther from the collars of the bar as in 2)? i suppose this may not be a good example because the differing distance may not be that great, but imagine an exaggerated example. does it matter how close or far the weight is located from the collars, and thus your grip? i know this is a quirky question, but im just curious. if you have no idea what i am talking about, please ask. peace

No difference. The center of gravity and the weight are the same.

There would be a slight difference if you were lifting the bar unevenly. In this case, the (trivially) higher polar moment where the smaller plates are used, extending further out on the barbell, would resist the uneven motion somewhat moreso than with the larger plates, and would also resist your subsequent correction moreso. The difference would not be more than a few percent if that.