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Plateaued, Need Advice

Greetings to all, I started lifting in July, around the time when I joined T-Nation, since then i have been reading a-lot and had been making good progress both strength and weight wise.

strength and weight have gone way up, when i started training i was 100lb and could barely move bench 50lb now i weigh 152lb and do that weight for multiple reps.
(sorry i know most people probably wont care about this but i guess i just like to ramble).
So i have been doing a four day split;

-Chest& Bicep
Decline DB press
Incline DB press
Weighted dips
Hammer Curls
Palms down cable curls

-Legs & Shoulders
dead lifts
calf raises
back squats
Military Press
Side Lateral Raises

-Back & Triceps

Pull ups
Pull downs
Cable pulldown
behind the head press

-Repeat or Rest (depends how i feel)

For all exercises I have been doing 5x5 to failure
season usually last less than an hour (if i go longer i usually end up throwing up).

so my problem is this; i had been making solid gains for the past three months but now my progress has stalled to a stop, no stronger nor bigger.
i am uncertain what to change…
Should i go to 3x10-12 set/ rep range
Change exercises/ order

there are so many variables i don’t know what to do, i would like to ask for some assistance from more experienced lifters to give advice or direction, i contemplated using the search bar but i was not sure what to look for and none of the stickies seem to really explain what to do when you stop making progress (sorry if they do and i just missed it).

Make sure you are getting enough food.
Make sure you are getting enough rest.

For your split, which days are rest days?

If increasing calories and rest don’t help, then you might need a few days off.

I really don’t think that you have been lifting long enough to require a change of programs.

Pretty simple. If you have been doing the same thing for three months your body has adapted. Change things up, set/rep schemes, supersets, giant sets, different exercies, variations, blah blah blah. There is a rhyme and reason for everything, so I recommend educating yourself with reading articles on here, buying books, etc.

As to what to change-- anything, everything-- be creative. If you honestly don’t know where to start, I suggest buying Chad Waterbury’s Muscle Revolution, there are a dozen plus workouts to keep you busy for at least a year in there. Also, read the article Must read for Beginners or something like that, it has a section on deriving routines.

I would recommend avoiding Chad Waterbury like the plague and EATING MORE FOOD.

Deload for a week-ie do the same weight but half the sets and reps. The following week do another rep scheme like 3x8, 10x3 or another 5x5 variation.

Rinse and repeat whenever feeling burned-out.

Btw even as a newb 50lb in 3 months is bloody good work, keep it up.

Thank you all for your reply, i appreciate you taking your time to help.

Thank you all for your reply, i appreciate you taking time to help me.

EDIT: sorry for the Double post.