Plateaued after 1.5 Years Weight Training

Hey guys, new here. I have Plateau.
I train 6 to 7 days a week and watch my deit. i seem to not lose fat and my muscle gains are minimal. i kill it at the gym. not sure what action to do to make progress. i only take a protein powder nothing else.

thanks in advance

What is the goal?

No you don’t.

Diet and training, please

Super Squats or Jon Andersen’s Deep Water training.


This may be the issue. Not enough recovery.

Post your stats and diet/macros.

I saw a short vid from Rennaisance Periodization this morning, saying “MainGaining” is really dumb and if you want to grow, you have to eat, and deal with revealing your abs later. I wish I’d heard it years earlier. Actually I did, here, it just took years to sink in.
I’ve been “plateaued” for damn near a decade because I always thought abs (actually not even abs) were as important as a big squat. Once I realized I wanted only one thing - a heavier squat - and everyone here told me to actually freakin EAT, I’ve put on a little fat but gotten way stronger everywhere.
Fat’s easy to lose. Strength and size are hard to gain. I’m gonna do the hard stuff now and worry about fat loss, if at all, later. AFTER I hit my strength goals.

TLDR: plateau? eat lots and lots of food. Keep protein high, but strive to gain 10 lbs in the next 4 weeks. Do something non-dumb and goal-oriented in the gym. You’ll get stronger.

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Put more effort into your question if you want actual help


Just run through T Nation programs anything By Wendler, Dan John, Paul Carter , Waterbury etc

This a good start…

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That was a good article. Thanks man


Hi Jeremy. I am preparing to read your mind so I can assess your current training regimen, nutrition plan, age, height, weight, goals, and chosen gender assignment using my super powers of telepathy. I will get back with you once I’ve absorbed all this information. Please STANDBY.

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