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I just reached a plateau in my muscle gain ? since I?ve been following my body composition evolution every 15 days, I also believe I?ve reached my genetic limit. I?m still willing to try some workout strategy to break what I think is an expression of adaptation. I am thinking of changing a few exercises and maybe periodization strategy. My latest mesocycle has the following structure: ABC-off-DE-off. A=thighs (+calves, tibial); B= breast, biceps, abdomen; C= hamstrings, back (+ neck); D= deltoids, triceps; E= gluteus; abdomen. Periodization ranged around medium to high intensity strategies (4X12 ; 3X5-8; 2X5-8 + drop set; 6/12/6/12; super set (with drop); 3X10-12; 3X5-8; 2X5-8 + drop set; 6/12/6/12; 4X12).
I thought about a max strength cycle now and then back again to a shorter hypertrophy meso-cycle.
I appreciate any input.




ah genetics,

you want strength-take w/e your....lets say 6rep and do it 10 times with a spotter to make sure you dont kill yourself.and just do the same with all of your other reps/weights.that has always worked for me,though i am young.

and btw i must say your training schedule confuzzled me for a sec!


how come you made anoither post about the exact same thing?


Thanks for the input, but let me see if I got your suggestion straight: you mean 10 SETS? Like large volume, distributed along many sets with few reps? I've never heard about that... And I'm not sure I got it - I am fluent in English, published in English and all, but I think I may have problems with specific jargon... Whatever - if you feel like explaining, thanks.


for limit strength you should check out a lot of Christian Thibaudeau's articles




Here this and a LOT more by CW will help to explain the 10 sets stuff.