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I just reached a plateau in my muscle gain ?

since I?ve been following my body composition evolution every 15 days, I also believe I?ve reached my genetic limit.

I?m still willing to try some workout strategy to break what I think is an expression of adaptation. I am thinking of changing a few exercises and maybe periodization strategy. My latest mesocycle has the following structure: ABC-off-DE-off. A=thighs (+calves, tibial); B= breast, biceps, abdomen; C= hamstrings, back (+ neck); D= deltoids, triceps; E= gluteus; abdomen. Periodization ranged around medium to high intensity strategies (4X12 ; 3X5-8; 2X5-8 + drop set; 6/12/6/12; super set (with drop); 3X10-12; 3X5-8; 2X5-8 + drop set; 6/12/6/12; 4X12).
I thought about a max strength cycle now and then back again to a shorter hypertrophy meso-cycle.
I appreciate any input.




You have reached your genetic limits?

Tell us your stats!


Yeah theres probably about 100 programs alone on this site, all of them alot less complicated than what you have described up there. Why don't you try a waterbury 10 x 3 or his perfect ten training.