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I have hit the wall hear for about 3 months now after one year of traing. Pretty much stuck on 5-8 reps of bench at 225. The chest has seemed to be the only thing that has hit the wall. I started taking 5000 calories in a day to see if big eating could help me get over the hill but it didnt. Right now I pretty much have all machines to use at my disposal if anyone has any ideas. Im about 189 at 12% bodyfat, and about 5'11 to6'0. I started at around 150 so I have made some progress do to strict eating as well as working habits..One other thing that I was wondering about is gaining size, lean size, without gaining strength. Has anyone ever gone through this...


Can you provide a little detail of what your program looks like at the moment and how you have changed it over the last few months?



Post your current and past training. What have you attempted to remedy this problem??

Fire back and well try and help,


Well Ive been changing workouts about every three weeks. I usually do upper chest for three weeks and then switch to lower and middel chest for three weeks. This has been a newer approach since the older one didnt work to get over the plateau..

Upper chest workout would normally be like 4 sets of 6-8 of hammer incline press. Then I would follow with smith incline bench and then something like a dumbell press. Then I would end with cable crossovers.

Then for middle and lower I would do around 10-8-6-4 of decline bench with weight going from 205 to 230. Then after that I would normally do a hammer strength machine for middle chest 4 sets of 8. Then I would do flyes followed byt the pec deck to end it. Now here recently Ive been doing the Waterbury Method to see what would happen but still I can get like 8 sets of three of 225, but it seems like thats the stopping point. Never over 225....


Forget about upper,lower,middle. In fact, forget about chest all together here.

From your responses I'm guessing you don't understand some basic physiology and interactions. Your chest will only 'grow' to a point that your shoulders and back will allow.

Seeing as you made no mention of these I'm assuming you aren't aware. For one month do NO chest exercises. That's right--none.

Do all of the chin-ups, push-presses, rows, and close grip benches your workout will stand.

I'll bet when you go back a month from now, you'll find your bench has gone up--your posture will have improved, and your chance of injury has lessened because you have brought back some symmetry to your musculature.

Try it. If you don't improve PM me and I'll make sure you get dinner on me at any of your area eateries


Do you mean instead of chest do these or, do this within my other bodyparts...I do almost all of these exercise during my regular workouts..


I have noticed that working my back and lats like a wild mam makes a big difference. I agree you should lay off chest for a while and hit your back and Lats.

Instead of doing so many different excersises simultaneously go up in weight on the bench ... say to 245 and get as many reps as possible then go to the Iso Incline and place say 2 45s and 1 25 on each side and do another max rep set then take more time to recover.

I have noticed that if I place say 225 on the Bar and rep it like 3 times then go to the seated Row and do like a single set of 15 till failure .
When i go back to the bench the 225 seems lighter. I continue to get around 12 reps.
I also know a guy that hits a plateu and then does something just off the wall like a crazy 4 x 30 work out till failure on the last set and takes two weeks off of that particular excersise works the antagonist muscles and comes back with 75 % of his normal weights and moves up around 10 % every week and ends up making progress. He calls that giving his body a wake up call.
sounds crazy and extreme but he uses it with good results.


I noticed you mentioned a lot of machine work. Drop those for now. Like others have said, work your back and shoulders harder and use free weights. In fact, try using heavy dumbells in your chest routine for a while. This will improve stabilizers that aren't taxed as much on machines. If you use DBs and BBs for the main part of your upper body routine, I'm sure you will overcome your plateau. And another thing, don't give up on the eating big. You have to feed the muscles a lot.


Whatabout squat and deadlift? Do you do those?

Hitting squat and DL hard will prime the body for growth and might help you coming over the plateau.


Yeah I do squats, been laying off the deadlift no for about two months because I strained my back before but i guess I oculd start doing that again..And to the guy about the iso incline, i can do three plates plus 35's on each side a good 5-6 times if i start with it..I think those hammer strength machines are pretty easy personally and I think they are excellent for growth but not so much for strength....Thanks for the input from everyone....It helps to get a bunch of different persepctives.