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i've been training 5x5 past 4 months. I really loved this training since it's the only one which gave me noticable results. I did't pack much muscle mass but I've had incredible strength results. Now I'm stuck on 100kg bench, 150 DL and 120 squat for last 2 weeks. Squats keep slightly increasing but I'm frustrated from my bench and DL. I train rows, overhead presses, chins, pullups and barbell curls which stopped progressing too. Is it possible that I plateaued that soon? I'm 24 yrs old. Problem is I eat shitton of food already (~3500 kcal) and there is not really time to add another meal (work + school). I have much stress from university recently but that won't stop anytime soon. I sleep 7-8 hours.

So could any advanced lifter give me advice, please?

a) Should I eat more and continue 5x5?
b) Should I move to some crazyass bodybuilding training with 10+ reps to pack on mass, and then move back to 5x5?
c) Other options?


The typical advice is lower the weight (10-20%) and build back up.

Personally, I think this doesn't work so well for most trainees and you should simply move on to something which progresses slightly slower.


I decided to go on 2-day bodybuilding splits. Will write if it worked, even tho I won't aim entirely only for strength in this.


You could lower the weight, as mentioned, by ~20% and do the last set as a AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) set. This will let you work in a higher rep range, and maybe get back to your previous weights doing more reps on the last set.

You could switch to another rep scheme with the same total reps per workout, but less reps per set e.g.: 6x4 or 8x3. This will let you continue to add weight.

You could add in some accessory work.

You could eat more and gain some weight.

You could do another program entirely.


Don't. You have a distorted view of bodybuilding training. You won't progress. Not your fault. It's the nonsense being spread these days by internet wannabe experts.

Do 531 with a lot of assistance exercises.




I'm kinda scared of doing 1 RM's since I don't have a training partner. But I guess I have to stop being a little girl or find some LOL. I will take a look at some 531 schemes when I get home. Do you suggest anything specific?


But, but, but Ronnie Coleman followed this exact split and he won 8 Olympias!


Nope. Look up the program and select a template that you like.


What's wrong with Ronnie Coleman's split?


Nothing, I was mocking beginners grabbing an Olympia split to start their BBing careers because the internet/their PT told them too.


Don't do true 1RMs in your training. 95% of it is fine.


  1. Pick a weight that you would describe as "pretty damn heavy but I can lift it a few times".
  2. Do as many reps as you can with it. When you think you won't get another one, stop.
  3. Do the math: weight used + (weight used x reps x 0.0333) = your 1RM, in theory. Good enough to calculate a program with.


Actually, they can though it won't be very optimal. But the internet experts tell them to do straight sets with the same weight to failure for all the exercises lol.


I don't look at splits this way. And I don't know why Drice21 thinks that I do so. All I wanted from training splits was to increase volume and change routine. 5/3/1 is actually pretty close to what I wanted to do.


It is logical to think that a beginner is going to do a pro's bodybuilding split they found online but execute it in a manner that even the pros won't because they rely on advice given by "internet experts". Happens all the time. He's not wrong.


Sorry OP didn't mean to be an insult to you, rather to internet experts who lead beginners in the wrong direction