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i’m curentely in a plateau, wich means i can’t gain mass i’m stuck at 130 lbs for 2 months now, i did a competition 3 months ago and obviously i was in bantam senior that morning i weight 120lbs i lost too much…anyways last year at this time of the year a was at 155lbs and now a wonder how to get back there after a competition???i have a diet for mass i train 5 days a week and i whant to stay natural…i seem to get volume but on the balance still 130lbs…if any could help please…

I am assuming your competed in a bodybuilding contest - right? What is your current training regimen like now? What is your current diet?

My first inclination is to direct you to the articles by John Berardi for the area of nutrition. As well as read the FAQ for other diets that may work to your favor.

How many calories are you eating per day? Whatever it is, it’s not enough. Eat more.