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Plateau Problem, Help Please


I've been training for roughly 2 years now, I seem to be stuck at 182lb at 6ft 1", when I first started training I was 149lb.

I'd certainly say I'm an ecto, but i want to add some serious size, ideally my goal at the moment is to get to 196 - 203lb lean'ish so my abs are visible.

I have a fairly physical job, crawling / climbing, lifting, walking all day and i cycle about a mile 5 days a week, (half a mile to and from work.)

I can train 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday Friday, my current routine is:

(All 3 x 10)
Chest & Back
Bench Press
Lat Pull Down
Incline Dumbbell Press
Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Front Squat
Lying Leg Curl
Leg Extention
Seated Leg Curl
Calf Raises

Shoulders & Arms
Front Raise
Upright Row
Rear Delt Row
Skull Crusher
Barbell Curl
Bent Over Tricep Extension
Reverse Curl

My current diet is:

Breakfast -
Pint of Whole Milk
2 Raw Eggs
3 Wheet-a-Bix

Break -
Wholemeal Pitta Bread
Chicken Breast

Dinner -
100g Wholemeal Pasta
Tin of Tuna
200g Pineapple

Break -
Small Handfull of Mixed Nuts

Pre Pre-Gym -
Pint of Whole Milk
2 Raw Eggs

Pre-Gym -
Cup of Coffee


Post Gym -
Protein Shake

Tea -
Chicken Breast
Salad etc.

Boditronics Bedtime Extreme Shake
Tub of Cottage Cheese

Any helpful criticism will be muchly appreciated, I'm willing to change ANYTHING necessary, I'm sick of being stuck at this weight and size.

Also, I hope this is in the right section, I'm new to the forum.


If your not gaining weight you have to increase your caloric intake. Simple as that.


How are your lifts going?
Are they going up, regardless of your BW?

It's not the best routine I've seen.
No DL, no o/h press, no pull-ups/variations. Front squats are better than no squats I guess- but IMO better for a "light" day, not as the main leg exercise.
Is there a reason for this?

You're diet looks good. But as fuzzy apple said, you just need to increase your caloric intake.
Increase portion sizes, or stop trying to make your diet so clean.
Remember you could have some cheat meals, and gain a small amount of body fat.
You can always cut later, it's much easier gaining weight this way.
Add more carbs post-workout, would be one major change I would make.

Your lifestyle is very active, so BF really shouldn't become a problem.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply guys, In every routine so far I have done deadlift and squats, just thought i'd give this workout I found a go.

I'm going to purchase a decent weight gainer high in calories, invest in some meusli / oats to consume twice a day also.

I do eat cheat meals occasionally during the week, sometimes I have a pizza or bags of crisps.

Any other good ways to increase my kcal intake?


3 extra virgin olive oil shots 3 times a day will get you about 900 calories and won't make you feel full. Plus you are getting really healthy fats.


Eat more at each meal.

On one break add some turkey breast and an apple with the nuts.

At breakfast and pre-pre-workout add a couple more eggs.

Dinner add an extra tin of tuna.

Do not use a weight gainer - you certainly will not see your abs if you get to your goal weight.


Yeah olive oil is good stuff. If you can't stomach actually drinking it, just add liberal amounts to any meal you can. Cook everything in it.
Peanut butter or peanuts are also good for getting a few cheap calories in, eat as many as you can after your workout.
Increase the amount of milk you drink. It's good that you're already drinking whole milk, and a fair bit of it. Increase the amount slowly every-day.