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plateau in fat loss

I seem to have hit a wall in my fat loss. I started out a few months ago and have probably dropped 8-10 lbs. and look better than i ever have before, but still not where i want to be. I have been taking MD6 for a few weeks and it has worked well, but now i seem to have plateaued. I was thinking of switching to a different fat loss catalyst and found a place where they sell both the old T2 and the T2-pro, is one better than the other? Any other suggestions on how I can start losing again. By the way i am on the t-dawg with around 65 carbs per day. thanks for any advice?

No need to panic. Not too many people can lose all the bodyfat they want in one linear cycle.Sure, there are many strategies to keep the fat loss going, but eventually your body will win - it’ll just continue to shut down one metabolic pathway after another until you look like you’ve been living in a
POW camp. It’ll be far easier to just give the diet a break for a week or two. Go back to near maintainence calories for a week ( remember your MR will have dropped so your old maintainence calorie number will now be hypercaloric ), and then raise it to your maintainence calorie number for another week or so. You should be then able to resume the diet and lose another chunk of lard, if the fatloss plateaus again before you reach your target, repeat.


You’ve most likely reached that point where you are battling two VERY strong forces:

1)“The Plateau”: That point in which the body is attempting to establish a new “setpoint” or point of “homeostasis and normalcy” after being shocked into change by whatever forces have acted upon it. This is ESPECAILLY true if that change is both a) rapid and b) dramatic (“dramatic” being defined roughly as a change much different from what it’s “baseline” is.

2)The body’s attempt, as we get closer to essential body fat stores, to protect those stores. The closer we are (percentage wise) to those stores (defined roughly as 3% of the total fat in our body), the more the body will fight in order to prevent tapping into those stores.

What do you do?

Take it easy. Maybe for a month on so:

1)MAINTAIN your current BF% and weight (or at least attempt to avoid fluctuations of greater than 1% or so), by maintaining at or near maintenance caloric levels.

2)“Zig-Zag” periodically during that time from hypo- to hyper- to maintenance calories in your diet, BUT not dramatically. Just enough to keep the body “off balance”.

3)Keep workouts and cardio less intense (maybe 50% of 1RM, no failure, no intervals and just enough to break out in a light sweat and to talk comfortably).(Think in terms of doing “warm-up” types of workouts and cardio. Take it easy, but keep the body stimulated).

At the end of this period, hit the body HARD with your pre-determined workout strategy. IF you’ve done a good job of maintaining your current bodyfat levels, fat loss should resume nicely!

Hope this helps!

You’ve mentioned what you’ve taken, but you haven’t mentioned how you train. Did you read the “Winning Formula”? John B. makes a good case that if you don’t keep your training fresh to achieve that increase in post-workout metabolism, your body thinks your activity level has degraded back to a sedentary state, no matter how many times you lift per week. Read his article, he explains it better.

Thanks for the advice all. I will try some different things and see how they work. Anyone done HIIT and had good results?

HIIT with sprints are the shit. Sprints allowed me to get to 8-9% bodyfat when nothing else worked.