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Plateau - Frustration!


I'm 20 years old. I have been constantly battling with my weight ever since I can remember.
Currently I am at my lowers of 165 and 32% body fat- 5'2 inches tall, not good.
I have spent 5,000 on training and the only thing that it did for me was tone me up a little and give me more muscle. The only time I have ever been below 165 was when I was on APEX... The trainer I was participating in APEX with had me eating about 900-1000 calories a day.

I now know that I was taught poorly and have been going back and forth between people as to what to eat and exercise. One says no bred, the other says no grain. One says eat 6 times a day the other says eat 5. One says train upper body one day and lower the other, the other says never split them up. My cardio is a mess- I got some hope when I started hiit on the octane last week and am hoping that will do something... I workout 6 days a week and eat healthy... so I thought. I am a student and can not afford these fancy shakes everyone has.

Can anyone help me?


go on the beginner section and read the stickies


Read every article in here that you can. Pick a plan (carb cycling, anabolic diet, high carb, whatever). Stick to it, it's all about picking one program and doing it with 100% compliance. All programs are slightly different, hence the apparently conflicting information. But the details don't matter - regardless of what you choose, it will work if you can follow the rules "to a tee". Don not mix and match programs, and don't just try to make it up yourself. You don't need fancy shakes and I can tell you that 900-1000 calories is WAY too low. Same goes for cardio and weights. Pick one program and stick to it. If it says lift weights 3x a week and cardio only 1 week, do that and no more. Keep reading and don't give up, you're young and have lots of time to figure it out!!


Yes. This is not cold, this is saving you a lot of work. Read all the articles posted in all of the stickies.


You know, rather than listening to people say do this amount of reps, or this type of training or this type of eating, now is the time you need to learn about yourself. I agree with reading stickies and programs but what program you do doesn't really even matter at this point, it's the intensity that you put into it AND the activities you do outside the gym that will create body recomposition.

Pick a gym schedule that fits YOUR life
Pick one of those 5000$ plans that you have, make sure it includes squattin' and if it includes a lot of machines, phase them out and use a barbell/DB instead. As a floor trainer at your gym questions, it's free.
Go to said gym and bust your ass on those days, no excuses, no days off from the schedule.
Walk, bike, play soccer, throw a ball, run, just move every single day, make the time for 30 minutes of physical activity daily. If you love the treadmill, fine but not all the time, get outside!!
Eat well, if your food comes in a box or bag, it better be organic bread or oatmeal. Fruit, veggies, meat, some low fat dairy only, and water.

Women are not generally taught to push themselves, you need to learn how to get to your limit and then push it just a bit further. You may not consider yourself an "athlete" but that doesn't mean you can't approach your training like an athlete does.

Go bust ass in the gym and get down to business. Good luck and get strong, work hard.


This is the truth. You only get out what you put in.

And if your primary goal is weight loss, you need to know that weight loss happens in the kitchen, NOT in the gym. You can work like hell, but if your diet isn't dialed in, you're not going anywhere.


Do not train with weights, Do cardio, leg lifts and sit-ups. As a female you might wanna lose the weight first then try to tone or add muscle. Muscle weighs more then fat. If you are 5'-2" and 165 with 32% body fat and only 20 years old bottom line STOP EATING SO MUCH!

It is not ok to eat cake and candy and ice cream just cause you went to the gym. Your metabolism is obviously slow so if you think well I can eat this I will burn it off 2morrow at the gym you are wrong. It does not work like that. Also there are usually other reasons other then just a slow metabolism, self control is most important.

If you eat 3 meals a day control your portions. I would suggest rather then eating meals just eat fruits and veggies a little at a time and all day long or whenever neccessary. Most people that struggle with weight are also lazy, I am not saying you are but if you are denial will keep you overweight. Be honest with yourself dont cheat and stay away from carbs and protein for awhile those add bulk.

It sounds like you have around 45 to 50 pounds to lose and I will be honest with you when I say that if you allowed yourself to become 50 pounds overweight in the first place and you had been watching it the whole time then your will power is very weak. There is no magic it takes dedication and hard work to maintain a nice physique unfortunatley most women think 2 or 3 days a week at the gym and they can eat what they want, Hard work and dedication means a strict diet and 5 days a week workout of at least an hour but 2 is more appropriate.

I hope I have not offended you, I am just trying to give you honest advice. I tell my wife this stuff all the time. My wife is 36 5'-7" and weighs 132lbs. She does not train but has other issues. After she had my daughter she got up to 190lbs she looked terrible. I had her start doing cardio and sit- ups I cooked or prepaired all her meals it took about 9 months but she had lost 55lbs in that time.

Now she looks great and her weight is well controled. It was 100% her eating habits and until she realized it she ate everything she could. You must be honest with yourself!



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