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Plateau fat loss

Well it seems that i might have hit a plateau while on my Low Carbo(100 gr/day).I was dieting for around 4 weeks and having gradual weight loss.But last week and so far this week i have not lost any weight.So im planning on taking some time off eating maintanence calories (or a little more + cardio).I would like your opinons on a few things.
1)How long should i carry this on for.(days)
2)Should i do a 40%P/30%F/30%C or something else.
3)Should i keep the cardio with a little above maint. calories so i dont get lazy.

Im thinking i should go for around 5-7 days.Would this be sufficient to kick my metabolism back into full speed?THIS SUX i really wanted to take full advantage of my upcoming break but now it seems like the first week will be wasted.

Are you periodically overfeeding at all?