Plateau (fat loss)and strategy

I’ve been dieting for a while now and I don’t work out. I’ve just been restricting my calorie intake (moderatefat/high protein/-low carb) as a means to weight loss. Anyways one of the things I’ve noticed is that my weight remains steady for like a month and after a month or so passes, I drop like 6 pounds in 6 days. Knowing a bit about how the metabolism works, I’d know losing that amount of weight unless I were a giant which I’m not . So I guess what I’m trying to understand here is why does this happen? What is the biological or chemical deal going on in my body that does this? Does my body lose the fat but retain more water prior to breaking a plateau as a survival mechanism? Is there anyway I can break the plateau quicker? Or just see the weight loss gradually without waiting for the plateau to break?
If you begin to stagnate …is good the idea of 2 days of ipocaloric diet(1000 Kal) and 1 day of refeeding with more carbo(pasta)(2000-2300 Kal)? .I eat (normal) 1500 Kal.Thanks.

Your metabolism is a train wreck.

I’m not an expert. I don’t think I’d even qualify for village idiot if the job was open. However, I’ve been through what you are saying, and I strongly encourage you to find the time to exercise, build some muscle, and get your “diet” in order. I can tell you for certain that it’s worthwhile getting some help with it from a pro. whether it’s a fitness trainer or a nutritionist or better yet, both. Without you posting specifics, I can’t comment on your food intake but it sounds like it is in the range of “starvation mode”. Hopefully some of the professionals that post here can help you out a bit.