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Plateau BUSTED!

Alright, in my mammoth weight loss effort (Begun in June at about 380…was us to 400 a little earlier…only 5’6"), I plateaued at Halloween for three full weeks…stuck at 333. I detailed what I learned in my previous thread “Climbing out of a plateau”…

Anyway, Monday morning the scale started moving again and I’ve dropped 6lbs, down to 327.

I’m not very strong…max bench is only 180, and max squat is 225…but considering I’m also lifting 150 extra lbs of fat…well, I’m not too concerned. My lifts ARE going up.

Here are my immediate goals:

By Christmas: Be down to 315
By May 19, 2010: Be down to 250
By Thanksgiving, 2010: Be under 200 lbs.

My ultimate goals are to be under 10% bodyfat while at least 180lbs (I’m 5’6"), and to have 1200 total in Bench, Squat, and Deadlift.

BTW…since I’ve become so much more active lately, I’ve really become aware of how much the extra fat weighs me down. My training partner is my bass player who is only 20 (I’m 36)…he has razor sharp abs and is growing like a weed. I have to smilingly remind him that if he really thinks he’s beating me on squats and deadlifts, he should put on a 150lb weighted vest and do the movements…

One thing’s for sure. I am NOT going to make YOUR health insurance premiums go up because I’m one more fat guy with syndrome X having two bypasses!

I WILL be a T-Man!

Congrats man, you’ve already dropped 53pounds, damnn.

I’m sure you’ll hit your goal, it will be hard but in a year you’ll look back and will have a big SMILE.

Care to share what plan have you been following? and what plan will you wollow?? do you have a training log??

You’re already on the right track, so it’s just a matter of time.

Best of luck.

congratulation dude !

Keep pushing the weights and you be outlifting that little twerp in no time !

sounds like you got the motivation to make this happend and 53 pound really emphasises it !

it will be a joy following your journey !!

I have loads of respect for you man. Congrats on doing what most aren’t strong enough to do. I know you’ll achieve your goals.

That’s awesome man, congrats on the progress so far. You seem to have your goals well outlined so as long as you have a plan in place to reach them you’ll get there in time. Keep it up.

You guys are super-encouraging!

I am following a near-zero carb diet, except on Sundays when I relax a bit without going off the chart.

I try to eat one gram of pro per pound lbm (about 160) and then have plenty of EFAs from fish/flax oil, Omega 3 eggs, and grass-fed beef. I limit carbs to broccoli, carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc.

This morning, me and two other guys decided to make our Thanksgiving day eating a great recovery meal so we had a full-body workout today with Squats, Deads, and Benching…I hit PRs on the squat and dead. I feel incredible.

I will continue to update my progress so that anyone in my situation can learn from my experience…I’ll also stay accountable to my T-Nation brothers-in-iron!

PR’s??? that sounds so good.

IF you are getting enought protein and calories i guess in little time you will have a lot more than just 160pounds of LBM.

i would get a little bit more of protein, at least 200gr a day.

keep the good work.