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Plateau and Fat


I'm currently doing 531 and progress is going well. I'm on phase 7 and a delay is probably on the cards soon. My question is this....
I've read on here several times that if progress slows it may be be necessary to eat more. I have fat to lose so is the fact I have fat indicative that lack of calories is not my issue? I'm not obese. I'm definitely getting stronger so um happy with progress.


I meant that deload is imminent on bench and shoulder press. Progress is good but this is more for my future information Thanks


Deloads are common, as well as Jim's recommended 5 steps forward 3 steps back.



Also: How big is your calorie deficit? How much fat do you have to loose? I've never had any real issues getting stronger on a calorie deficit of a few hundred calories, but if you're cutting down to 1000cals a day or something stupid, this may be an issue.


Maybe, but checking the efficiency of your weekly training (days, exercises, sets, and reps) and general recovery would be the first step.

Last year when you were around 20% bodyfat and eating 1700 calories, there was plenty of bodyfat and a lack of calories for someone of your activity level. So, it's definitely possible. It's not uncommon for fat people to take in too few calories when they try to cut. Their body panics and holds on to bodyfat, so no progress is seen.

One concept Wendler promotes with 5/3/1 is "eating for performance." Basically, fueling yourself with enough carbs, fat, protein, and calories to crush hard workouts and recover from them, and letting your bodyfat more or less take care of itself in the long run.

For reference, what's your current bodyweight, general bodyfat level, and strength on the basic four lifts (squat, dead, press, bench)?


Thanks Chris, I'm 78kg at 5 foot 5. My current phase of 531 has my last single at 105kg squat, 82.5kg bench, 125kg DL and 60kg ohp. I know that this isn't great but I'm in a much better position than last year in terms of technique, and time management. I do the two day split, a third kettlebell conditioning workout mixed in with pullups(I can do 5 strict pullups). Now I've never not been slightly overweight so that's not my concern. I'm more interested in getting the balance right to gain performance.


My bf is still roughly the same. It may have gone down some as my shoulders and chest are definitely leaner and I don't have an accurate measure system, just a rough guess.


How many reps did you do/are you expecting to do with these weights?


Here's a back pick for reference. With those weights I can do a triple on squat, single ohp,5 dl,and a clean double on bench.I'm not fussed for abs but a flat stomach and obliques would be good. Hope pick works.


I think you need to reset your TM on OHP at least, and possibly bench as well.

Incidentally, you never answered the question: how big is your calorie deficit?


Thanks daily. I'm not working to a deficit. I admit that I'm not good at monitoring calories. I do it for a week and then it tapers off until I remember again and think shit I need to cut back. I think I took Jim's advice of fuelling workouts to heart. I seem to justify my not disastrous,but not fantastic diet by focussing on strength. I always ensure I get sufficient protein,albeit with assistance from whey. My big enemy is carbs. I just got back from Rome and I took liberties with the food I ate. My initial query was more a performance question. I think I'm going to deload on squat,ohp and bench and concentrate on the speed of my lifts.


Thanks dagill2. Damn autocorrect.