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Plate Size?

How many inches is it from the bar to the ground if you have 45’s on the bar? Is it different for certain types of plates i.e. Irongrip vs. Bumper?

I’ve heard one guess to be about 8-9 inches (middle of bar from the floor with a standard 45lb plate).

Again, that was just a guess that I got from someone asking a simmilar question on another forum.

I’ve mixed some of the plates with a rubber coating with the standard 45s and they seem to be the same size.

The largest size Olympic discs are required to be 450mm diameter, plus or minus 1mm. This makes height of bar (to the middle of bar) 225mm. This is approx. 8.9 inches.

Ivanko’s site lists the diameter of a 45lb plate as 17 3/4".

Be careful: The 45cm size is only strictly kept on expensive plates. My fitness-depot .59c/lb plates are 42.5cm across. A difference you can only really feel when deadlifting, but it is very noticeable then!

We bought a couple of competition plates (50kg actually) and load them to the inside to get the right height. Actually makes loading deadlifts without a jack much easier!