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Plate Removed During Squat, Real of Fake?


Vrai or Faux

Your thoughts?



  • Goes from 3 plate to 4 plate without looking like he can do much more

-Waits until the other other guy is in bottom position. The other guy goes slightly more slowly. He happens to be squatting 1 plate exactly.

  • Is filming himself


Yes, but your avatar is of a Sikh milking a pig, so your argument is invalid.



Is you're avatar a guy fucking a pig?


Pretty sure it's fake. The camera zooms in on exactly what he's doing.


Pretty sure it's Mohammed the pedophile fucking a pig


Maybe he's just a bully? If it was real I would have kicked the back or side of his knee while he was squatting as revenge.


I think it's pretty clear what my avatar is. It's Mohammed with a pig. I don't know about the pedophile thing.

This picture is very funny to me because it's incredibly offensive to people who can be offended. In one little picture: Mohammed (who can't be depicted), wearing a turban and with a cliché desert in the background, doing bestiality with an animal no other than a pig (muslims can't eat pigs) with a funny kind of 3D artwork.

I encourage you to spread this picture on your social media.


Fake... as in is the scene acted, or did he really steal a plate, or what?

Looks real to me.


He really did it but t was definitely set up. The guy slows down and stays in the whole so the other dude can rip the plate off the first time I watched it I laughed and thought the guy was just a dick. The second time I noticed it was set up still pretty funny. Reminds me of the time I was at the gym and a really lanky brown guy unracked a bb on an incline with a 25 on one side of the bar he almost shit himself lol.


I can't see the video.


Looks like an Indian with the turban.

And wouldn't that be "porcophile"?


If Muhammad can't be depicted, then ipso facto, that cannot be Muhammad, as the character is literally being depicted. And what would a domestic European pig be doing in a cliched Arabian desert, anyway? European swine would not last in such a hot, arid environment. At very least it would need mud to wallow in. Where is a pig going to find mud in a cliched desert?

It just makes no sense.



There was once a bench that had shafts to store the unused plates.
The shaft to store the plates on was parallel to and close to the barbell.

In my memory, I went up and took a plate from the shaft.
The guy using the bench irritatedly says "I was using that!" (he was between sets).
I asked him and he claims that I took it from his bar (I might have and just didn't realize it).

I said "haha, I am that disoriented" and put the plate on his bar.

I still don't know if the plate was really on the bar or on the shaft.
(I had already got the sense before that this guy was irritated to be around a younger guy lifting heavy)

One other time I was at a new gym and there was some sort of strange looking seated calf machine where plates are loaded on the sides (like on a leg press sled).
I thought it was a funny looking plate rack, especially because there were atleast 4 plates loaded on the side.
I took a plate off and some guy says "hey.."
I forgot exactly, but I think I assumed he wanted to put another plate on this "plate rack".
After he does whatever it was he did, I proceed to pull the plate off of the "plate rack" again.
He says "YO!" (he was a wigger).

I realized that he was using the machine and had a good laugh and appologized.


I have a story similar to that.

One time at the gym I saw a woman go up to the hack squat machine, which also has those pins to hold extra plates, and I recall it had 3 45s on either side. Not on the sled mind you...on the pins that hold the extra plates.
So anyway, the sled has no weight on it and she gets on. Gine, the sled itself is a good warm up.
She does ONE REP, gets off and takes a 45 from one side. Right as she does this I think "Whoa! She's moving up fast!"
But she took the plate and out it away on a weight tree a few feet away, as well as one from the other side, gets back on, does one rep, gets off, removes another 45 from either side of the machine, does one more, removes the last two plates, then did about 15 reps.
So she ended up doing 18 reps....one rep each time she thought plates were on the machine's sled, then 15 when she was only doing the sled. Ugh.

Yeah...I watched the whole thing happen. It was like a train wreck; Icouldn't look away.


I have probably told these stories before, a kid tore a plate off a machine I was using once and I said hey man I;m using that and he was kind of in his own world listening to music so it was no big deal.

At a different gym there was a lady who kind of annoys me with her immense cheapness. She pursed half a pizza on pizza day at the gym, yes this is such a thing, it tells you how great this place is. I later saw her at Mcdicks asking for a cup of water lol. So once she was using a leg press with a plate on either side, she came down once with the the "press" platform and got pinned. I was the closest person to her so I had to help her out. I inclined the leg press and she was like oh I guess it is to heavy for me. It was pretty funny.


That is a pretty hilarious story nards lol


No, it's pedophile because he like fucking kids that were pre-pubescent


I love your stories from Asia! More please!

Better yet PLEASE start a thread!


So it's just you being deliberately offensive, as usual.