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Plate Pinches

I’ve been doing plate pinches with 3 10’s in each hand, and have been able to go from 15 seconds to 45 in the past month.

1)What do I move up to from here? 2x25 each hand?
2)Is there a way to do two hand plate pinches?
3)How long should I be able to hold them for before I should move up?

I couldn’t even hold four plates in my hand today, but that was after my 3 sets of 3 10’s for 45.

Thanks for the help.

4 10’s might be a better progression.

To do a 2 hand hold, just grab two plates overhand, same pinch grip. I like to go back and forth between holding 2 45’s with a two hand hold or 2 25’s with 1 hand holds.
Unfortunately the gym I am training at at the moment has all ivanko weights with the handles. IMO, if you can’t lift the weight to put it on the bar, you don’t belong lifting it.