Plate-Loaded Husafell Stone for Home Gym?

Hi All,

I’m building up my home gym and came across this gem:

I’ve messed around with atlas stones once or twice at gyms around me, so I’m not sure what weight is need to pick. But it appeals to me because I’m told the stones are more or less a full body workout. And that’s the theme of my gym, enough stuff there that if I can’t make it to my commercial gym (either once or for an extended time) I can get a real workout at home. I’ve already got adjustable bowflex 1090’s that go to 90lbs, and my one buddy has been saying just use those instead of the stones. Wondering what your ppl think, redundant or not? Currently 34 years old, in decent shape trying to expedite training for flag football season + august wedding.

Also considering this power rack

Plus inheriting this:

Opinions/suggestions/reviews are welcome

The stone is a very strongman specific lift, but that doesn’t stop it from being a good exercise. I imagine you could get the same effect from high rep clean press though.

Fixed it for you! Sorry dude - I’m a strong man (sorta). I’m gonna big the sport up a touch.

Firstly this is not an atlas stone. Atlas stones are round, this is not. Obviously. But that is not the important part.
Second - stones (any sort) are cool and are a great all over work out. A plate loadable stone can be used LOTS of ways.
Go light for 100m+
Go heavier for 15-30m
Go really heavy just to see if you can pick it up.

I would always recommend a barbell and rack first. But this will add an extra dimension to your training.

The rack you posted - no idea. Except to say look at the video “dropping 700lb on the cheapest rack on amazon”. The rack holds up.
As for the multigym - never been a fan of these sort of things.

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If you aren’t yet moving 300+ lb stones/hustafel stuff, consider some sandbags. Good variety of workouts,; get you strong as h…

how? there’s almost no crossover between carrying a husafell stone and the clean and press. I’m not sure how you came up with that. Loaded carries are very different from ANY static lift. I recommend loaded carries to ANYONE who wants to maintain/increase athleticism in their training, along with building size and strength.

I have a well-equipped home gym, and I have my own plate loaded husafell stone. I think it’s great. I think getting anything that you can use for front carries, be it sandbags, kegs, or H-stones, has tremendous value.

What I would actually recommend for a home gym would depend on a) space available, and b) budget. If you have lots of space and a low budget, sandbags are the best option. They are cheap, but they aren’t easy to fill/change weight. So you would want 2-3 of these, most likely, as an initial investment. At least 2. If money is not an issue, but your space is very limited, an H stone is awesome because it takes up almost no floor space. Perfect for a small home gym. That’s why I got mine. If neither space nor money is an issue: I would prioritize the sandbags, because I think they have more varied uses, they’re just a better training tool. But you could always do both :slight_smile:


Agree but

I admit I couldn’t see the forest through the trees on this one… I should brush up on my strongman knowledge.
If the interest also includes the purpose of loaded carries, then the stones would be a very space conscientious option. Without dumbbels or plates, this sounds like a great alternative.

Flip! Good to hear from you my man!

So I have dumbbells, Bowflex ones that go up to 90 each. I also bought that new Jayflex barbell and kettlebell converters, so I can use my dumbbells in a variety of ways. So theoretically I can use them very easily for loaded carries. I’ll also be adding a variety of plates (45’s 35’s etc) and a real barbell at some point as well.

The Genesis behind the stone idea was I thought it might add something my dumbbells aren’t presently asking. Working more muscles, etc. But I guess that’s no longer the case? Beyond maybe the stone weighing more?

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Front carries (like sandbag, stone or keg) DEFINITELY have value apart from what you get out of side carries (like carrying dumbbells). Shifting the position of the load to the front changes how your legs and hips have to work to move you forward. And there’s value in having to wrap your arms around/squeeze the weight that you don’t get out of dumbbells. There’s more upper back engagement. My back grew a lot once I started incorporating front carries regularly.

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