Plate Loaded Hack Squat

They brought in a new Plate Loaded Hack Squat machine at the gym.

Is it worth the time? or is it just another case of - free weights are better than a machine.

I’ve yet to find a hack squat machine that’s worth a damn.But also,everyone being put together differently,give it a fair shot.Maybe they have improved over the years.Just my 2 cents.

I like the one at my gym…it’s not the world’s greatest machine or anything, but I think it has it’s purpose…

Knee wrecker!

well i like them because the one at my gym is positioned directly in front of the mirror. so when a girl uses it you get a nice shot of her crotch! other than that i think they blow!

My advice : try the real hack squat. Its a manly exercise, that’s for sure. Its described in one of Coach Davies’articles here on the website. It’ll hit your legs differently than any other exercise and also works your grip and traps.

can anyone (real) hack squat more than they can back squat? because i can…by over 100 lbs

I’ve never used the hack squat machine at my gym, but I was thinking the other day, I’ve never seen anyone do a real hack squat, I doubt most people there even know what it is.

I hate hack squat for the simple reason that Thunder pointed out, my knees ache for days after I do them, so that’s why I don’t…lol