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plastics and T

Does anyone here actually believe that drinking water from plastic bottles etc. is going to have any perceptible, or measureable impact on T or progress in the gym. Call me a cynic but I just have a kind of hard time buying this stuff.

It’s the cumulative effect. And how hard is it to switch to glass containers just in case? Hey, control the parts you can control!

Most of the research concerning plastic containers and T revolve around microwaving food in plastic wrap and plastic containers. It’s the heat the helps to release the dangerous compounds. I’m personally not going to worry about cold liquids in plastic containers. For one, I have 3 kids running around the house, and work around a bunch of clumsy co-workers, so I’m not about to hassle with a glass container. But if you are worried about it, this could be a great motivator to lose some of that excess fat that’s been layering on over the holidays – seems the sythetic compounds that are released are fat soluble; that’s where they like to go. So…the less fat, the less danger, right? Works for me.

I am alway conscious of this but have basically given up trying to avoid plastic because it takes so much effort and secondly, my knucklehead girlfriends have always sabotaged me as soon as my back is turned. (The one that I absolutely blow a fuse over is cooking a roast in a plastic bag!)

Given the choice I will always try to avoid plastic - even in cold drinks.

There has to be some negative effect - I’m sure you have heard or read about sperm levels in US males declining over the past century.

If you get a chance and you like to read get “Our Stolen Futures” (Cohen). Expose of xogenic E in all kinds of foods and products.

I have 4 years of schooling in chemistry and I don’t believe that drinking water from most plastics will have any effect.
I would be more concerned about nuking fatty foods in a plastic bowl,however,especially to the point where it starts to melt the inside of the bowl.This is bound to release some plastic into the food.Just use common sense here.

How do you know where the bttle has been? How long did they wait between molding the bottle and filling it? What if the bottle was transported in a truck that was 120 degrees? and bottle are just oneproblem. What about people using plastic utensils on hot stove tops. Or the plastic cover on steak and chicken. I heard milk carton are a known problem in this regard.