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Plastic Toxicity

If anyone has any quality links or personal experience with Plastic toxicity I’d like to know about it. Have any of you completely eliminated plastics from your diet, if so did you notice anything? Can plastics be removed from your system or is it cumulative and im proly already $*#%ed?

I personaly consume multiple liters of water from nalgenes and various other plastic containers every day and any info would help me out.


I havnt noticed any “toxicity” however i used to use large amounts of plastic in microwaves and recycle plastic bottles alot. I could see them degrade after a while, after microwaving chinese containers and what not. They discoloured, got harder/brittle, there was a taste and in some cases what looked like small pock marks. I tossed em and decided to invest in a mixture of glass and better plastics. Just so i dont have to worry.

I felt that if you could notice a difference then there is a decent chance of trace amounts of plastic leaching into your food.

Carrying COLD food in plastic is fine. But do your nuking in glass and get a good water bottle. Its a good investment.

I wasnt realy referring to acute plastic toxicity. I was mainly just refering to their effects as hormone disrupters in small ammounts.

studies or concrete personal experience would be great