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Plastic Surgery or Not?


So tell me, how can this woman tell us she has not had work done....and WTF happened???


Ugh. Looks like the handiwork of the same surgeon who did Meg Ryan's face.


Maybe her lips but if she had anything else done she needs to get a refund.
If my chin and neck ever get like that I am so getting it fixed.

EDIT - I love that the first 2 posts are from guys, thanks! Shows you who keeps up with the celeb gossip, I've been too busy lately ( :


she's older and fatter than she used to be I think that accounts for some of the weird puffs and sags on her face. Also maybe she's quibbling on the "surgery" point. Botox and other types of filler/injections aren't surgery.


I don't see any tale tale signs of plastic surgery. She looks older, heavier and like she's relying on a lot more makeup. The lipstick looks like it is applied past the edges of her lips for that plumper look.


Agreed. I see no signs of any major plastic surgery. She's just older...and that isn't a crime.

Hell, I am more creeped out by all of these old dudes running around in their 60's lately dying their hair jet black and then doing a comb over from ear to ear. I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my life but they all seem to think they look 35.


I don't think 15 years turns you into a person who is unrecognizable. She looks like a different older person. Arnold still looks like arnold. Sally fields still looks like sally....just older. I never knew age to turn someone's eyes, nose and mouth to look totally different. Saggy skin is one thing but her eyes nose and mouth look different in a way other than aging.


Uhm, I am pretty sure Sally Fields has had plastic surgery...and so you know, your ears and nose (all cartilage) grows as you get older. If you see someone who does not experience this at all, they likely had plastic surgery, not the other way around.

If you think Arnold's hairline is natural, something is wrong.


Meg??? please don't say it's true??? I'll keep the memories thank you. All these Hollywood women are starting to look like Joan Rivers sister or cousin!!


Dude, come on. Some of them are in their 60's now.

On average, a lot of women seem to be looking a hell of a lot better lately into their late 40's and 50's, but no one is going to look young forever...especially now that GH is considered to be of the devil.


WRONG QUOTE...RE Sally^^^^^

Then it was done correctly. I guess my point is that these things tend to CHANGE a whole persons look rather than enhance youth while keeping original attributes. I should be able to look at a pic with a 15 year gap and see that they are the same person, even with weight.

I never said a hairline changes a face....so unsure about the hairline comment.


Again. I never said it was about looking young. Jane Fonda. Still looks like jane. This is the point. Some surgeries make a person unrecognizable. Like Daryl.


Dude, no offense, but how many old women have you really looked at?

I have seen some who look very average "old ladyish" who have pictures of themselves around 25 looking like straight up cover models. They bring pics into the clinic sometimes when I do dentures so I can see how their original teeth looked.

9 times out of 10, you are not going to look at someone over the age of 60 and see clearly what they looked like at 25....ESPECIALLY women.


No offense taken....But usually you can see the facial structure is similar and can tell it was a young X vs an old X.....


She had work done when she was young and as she got older and fatter her face grew disproportinately.

I've seen this look far too many times.


I don't think she looks like she's had work done,just sort of out of shape and old. My mom's gained weight over the past few years and she's completely unrecognizable now. We're only talking about 20 to 30 pounds but her face looks very different. She's also almost 60 so that probably has a lot to do with it.

Comparing her to how she looked in 1994 is stupid. That's 16 years ago. It would be weirder if she looked the same.


How can anyone honestly look at that picture and not think she had any plastic surgery done????


The only thing I would guess at is maybe a brow lift. Her eyebrows appear to be a little more "pulled back" than they were in the '94 picture.

Then again, it IS only one comparison photo so I really have no idea. The shit women can do with makeup, I would want to see a video before commenting further.

But I think it's hilarious that some people really think she looks like a completely different person between the two photos. As far as I can tell, nothing else looks surprisingly different.


Then and now, Kelly McGillis, I doubt she has had any surgery seeing as I don't think she's in the biz anymore so why bother. I would never recognize her now, some folks can look different as they age and some don't.

edit/FTR, I don't think DH has had any surgery.


Are you kidding? Her lips and cheeks look different and as you mentioned it looks like she had a brow lift.