Plastic Surgery on MTV

I saw this special on plastic surgery on MTV tonight. They focused on four people, two of these “hottie” girls (w/ fake breasts) who are regular liposuction patients (it really must be addicting), one giant mammoth female, and one full-of-himself guy who wishes to be seen as eye candy by the “ladies” by getting calf implants. What’s funny is that all of these people could look they wanted (except for the girl who had rhinoplasty) if they had the discipline and knowledge. The good looking girls seem to eat whatever they want and solve their fat accumulation with some lipo here and there. The mammoth, who had gastric surgery, clearly is admitting she can’t control her urge for food and has no discipline to diet. The chump w/ 14 inch calves, who by the way went to Dr. Bruce Nadler who is mentioned here at T-mag, says he has trained his calves hard for years with no progress. This guy looks like he’s in decent shape except for his calves so I guess he’s concluded they just won’t grow. HA! I had 14" calves a few years ago and with hard work they are now 16" and I have no doubt I could get them to 17 or 18 if I really wanted to. This show on MTV gave me more motivation to lift harder and do it the way it’s supposed to be done, with hard work and discipline. All who agree, say aye. All who disagree, list the surgery you had and the reasons for it. I’d like to hear them.

I saw that and the same thing went through my head. These people would rather go through the risks and cost of plastic surgery before they will get their lazy asses in a gym. The hottie girls hardly had any fat to loose, they could have done it in no time working hard. The guy with the calves was just a fucking idiot. I say nay!

Yea, even though I hate that channel I watched this show. They showed the fat girl eating fried motzerella(sp) sticks and a big ass bowl of pasta for dinner while she was talking about all the different diets she’s tried! Then the “hottie” girls say that they dont even work out! I agree with you, this is just pure lazyness.

The biggest lesson to learn here…DON’T watch MTV. Garbage in, garbage out…

I can’t believe that scrawny underwear ad boy had the nerve to say he had the perfect physique except for his calves. Sure, he had decent definition, but absolutely no thickness (and not much width) in his back. I guess that we have dipshits like him to thank for the fact that “easy way outs” like plastic surgery, ab doers, and fat blockers are still around.

Yo, I’d like some insight to that training program of how you got good calf growth because I’ve tried several different approaches and I am lucky to add 1/2 inch to my calves. I want some cows man!

I have to agree with jetlagger. Almost everything that appears on MTV is geared toward stupid people. (this doesn’t mean I’m calling all people who watch it stupid, I’m just saying it’s made for stupid people)

MTV is not geared towards stupid people – it is for teenagers.

And the difference is…? :wink:

MTV = Music Television. I just happened to be flipping through channels and I saw the hottie girls on MTV so naturally I stopped clicking. End of story. I agree that most of the shows they play on MTV are lame.

If you haven’t already, do the Luke Sauder Calf Routine listed here on T-mag. This one is designed by Poliquin and it is an ass-backward approach to calves, however, it is high volume which is necessary for calf growth. Other tips that work are: pause at the bottom for 1-2 seconds, explosion on way up, pause at top for 1-2 seconds. Drop-sets on seated calf raises, 10-10-10, Ian King’s giant one-leg calf set is very good for growth. Always train calves first and at a minimum of 3 times/week and they will grow, provided you eat enough food.

I didn’t mean to sound like I was calling you stupid for watching it or anything, sorry if it came off that way. I probably would have watched it too if I were channel searching. I’m just saying that most of the programs on MTV are marketed toward stupid people. The show you saw for instance would probably make a lot of people think “hey, that sounds like a good idea… I could look good without having to work for it.” Obviously you are against that type of thing, as am I.

After watching that show, I felt pity for all those people: it seemed that they had so little confidence in themselves that they felt like a cosmetic change was going to change their lives. The show definitely showed the darker side of plastic surgery, I thought…