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Plastic Cups Warning Label?


My wife bought me some jumbo sized plastic cups at Target. They all had warning labels on them stating - "This product contains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. This product contains lead."

These are plastic drinking cups. WTF??


wow...fuck target, they sold me a defective phone


Can't plastic cause cancer if you put it in a microwave?


Ya I think so. This however didn't have any information other than the cups contain chemicals that cause cancer and birth defects. It didn't give any explanation of how to avoid getting cancer from the cups. You would think it would say do not microwave or put certain types of liquid in them because THAT would put you at risk.


I think your wife wants you dead.

Joking aside yep. Plastic in a microwave = estrogen.


Ya that's what I said. Are you trying to kill me honey?

If I don't plan on putting them in the microwave, do you guys think it's safe? Is it normal to have this shit written on big plastic cups?


Return that shit and buy cups that don't have warning stickers that look like they belong on the side of a barrel of nuclear waste.



I mean um. I wouldn't drink from them.


i would be most worried about why the hell a plastic cup contains lead. lead is not something you want in your system


Also, you shouldn't really use aluminium utensils for cooking or storage. I stopped using a lot of spray on deodorants when I noticed they contained aluminium (it helps prevent sweating). I'm not sure how paranoid I'm being, but I want to minimise my exposure.


Yes, returning them I shall. What the fuck was I thinking even drinking my morning shake out of this pathetic tainted fucked up cup.

Oh ya, fuck Target!


I drink protein shakes out of glass jars. Last time I checked plastic cups don't come with lids.


Found this on the American Cancer website -

Labels warning that a product contains compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm are now found on many household items sold in California. But because some companies use the same labels for products sold outside of California, people in other states may notice them and have questions. The warning labels can appear on all sorts of products, such as electrical wires, padlocks, dishes, flashlights, and pesticides, to name just a few.



use the plastic cups for alcohol. thus, alcohol kills the cancer germs. boom. problem solved.

Yes. I'm joking.


The real cheap cheesy cups are a #1 plastic, same as all those trendy Poland Spring water bottles. The better plastics such as #5 are better for drinking out of but rarely used in our "disposable packaging" world. Glass or stainless steel is always the best and beer from the container is my weapon of choice.

Did you see people 20 years ago croaking from all sorts of odd cancers like you see today? There has to be a tie in.



Well these cups are definetly not intended to be disposable. They are thick and sturdy and dishwasher safe. Not sure if that means that they aren't #1 plastic??

In any case, I agree, we live in a disposable packaging world, whatever is cheapest, easiest NOW. Later on though, that's a different story....


All plastic products should have a recycling number from 1-7 inside a small triangle which is usually found at the bottom of the product.

The problem with plastic made products is that they can leach chemicals into your food/liquid, and it's these foreign chemicals that are called xenoestrogens which mimic the female sex hormone estrogen. However, because these chemicals are foreign to the body, they are far worse to our health than the estrogen that our bodies produce naturally.

To be sure that the product you buy does not leach, check the recycling symbol. If it is a #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene), or a #4 LDPE (low density polyethylene), or a #5 PP (polypropylene), it is fine. Plastic water bottles for example are usually a #1, and that means they should only be used once and then thrown away appropriately. Your better off using a water bottle (usually a #4 or #5), and filling it with your own filtered water from home.

Just google 'xenoestrogens and plastic' for more information.