Plasma TV

I just got an flat plasma tv and I really like it but someone recommended getting some gold tipped cables to improve the picture.

Any have any suggestions/experience?

I think those kinds of cables are called DVI cables, I got them for my flat monitor and it really improved. I still need to get them for my plasma TV, so I would say go for it and buy them, the should be under $50.

If you bought your TV at anyplace that was worth a damn, they should have explained to you what you needed/should have to go along with it. As a former Entertainment Department Sales Manager for Circuit City, I can honestly tell you that the quality of the TV you bought will dictate whether or not you should buy better cables, etc. What brand is your TV? A good plasma like a Sony, Pioneer or Panasonic will benefit from the better cables, whereas with an Akai or Symphonic or some crap like that you’d basically be wasting your money on better cables. Hope that helps. PM me if you want more specific advice.

Aren’t all plasma TVs flat?
I know what you meant.

I just get annoyed when I hear people saying I want a flat screen plasma. When they should be saying flat panel.