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Plasma or Crt w/ Basic Cable?



I currently have a 32" JVC crt tv that works fine.
I get basic cable from comcast cable company. Nothing special $9.99/month. No special HD channels. Something like 20 channels only.

Heres what I was wondering:

If I buy a plasma tv, will the basic channels (non-HD) look similiar, better or worse then on my JVC crt tv? I ask because I put a 32" lcd (60hz) tv in my office, and the channequality of the picture and sharpness is poor. I used to get some free HD channels over the air a few months back and those looked great. But the non-HD channels looked awful.
So Im curious to know if I get a plasma will the non-HD channels look as good as they do on my JVC crt tv? Or will the non-HD channels look like they do on my lcd tv when it is not on an HD channel?

I have no interest in getting a better cable package. I dont watch much if any TV at most. So the extra $40+/month for more channels is not worth it to me. I just want to go bigger then 32" and not sacrafice sharpness and quality. And I do not want to upgrade my cable package.

Thanks guys.


Well, in my experience, you get different quality Plasma and LCD TV's - so I would say it depends on how much you spend and the quality of panel you buy. Plasmas, see if you can pick up a Pioneer Kuro. LCD's - Samsung or Sony.

SD channels look really good on my 40" LCD, but I haven't seen a CRT to compare to for ages.