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Plasma Impact on Gains

Quick question for anyone more knowledgeable on the subject than myself… what kind of impact will frequent plasma donations (2x weekly) have on my weight training regiment?

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.


Here is my (slightly) eduacated guess.

Blood carries your nutrients. Less blood equals less nutrients to your muscles. Negative effect.

When the body is low on fluids, it spends it’s energy to replace them, possibly pulling resources away from muscle growth.

I could be way off. Since plasma is mostly fluid, not red or white blood cells, it may have no effect as long as you stay hydrated.

I personally have donated blood and I feel shitty for the day, don’t know about plasma.

Back in the school days, I knew lot’s of guys who would sell plasma for beer money. Yeah, that result in negative effects.

Good question, hopefully somebody has a more solid answer than me.

combatmedic makes some good points, ut much of the anecdotal evidence pertaining to plasma donation- a seemingly common cash cow for those in college, is inherently a flawed correlation.

College students are far from experimental subjects, each with unique lifestyles and characteristics. Furthermore, in the comment itself there is the outright negative factor of alcohol. The decrease of plasma combined with high levels of blood alcohol would surely be enough to hinder progress, but to say that it is the decreased plasma level’s fault would be flawed.

I just graduated from college this May and did my first plasma donation yesterday. I never felt any ill effects during or after the donation period.

I will be hitting the weights tonight and will report if there are any differences in performance.

Thanks for the replies so far.