Plasma donation and working out

I was wondering what you think of this. Well I am going to donate plasma 3 times a month. The main reasonbeing the extra cash, see I am a college student with limited time, I am an engineering nerd plus thiers so many hours I can work because I have to concentrate on my studies too. I like to workout etc., I think BioTest has the best products and I have seen some major increases in my muscle growth after trying some. So, I want to get serious with my nuitriton, only problem is time and cash. So I thought I’ll give plasma about 3 - 4 times a month and I can cover up pretty much what I need for my protein shakes etc., My question is, will this effect my working out etc., Am I going to drop dead when I do my squats?. As long as I am eating well, I don’t see any problems, but some input from you guys who have more experience than me would be great, Thank in advance.

If you are selling your plasma in order to buy supplements, you have a serious problem. My two cents: Don’t buy supplements until you can afford them. Go to school, train, and follow the best diet you can. Once you graduate and become an engineer, you’ll be able to afford as many supplements as you want. Powders and pills aren’t worth what you are putting your body through.

i feel your pain, i too am a broke college student most of the time. I also have given plasma in the past and found that it does not have a major impact on training provided you are not working out for about 24hr after, it takes approx 48 to replace the plasma that they take from you, i often felt sluggish following a donation. I made sure i drank liquids in major quantities following donations and this seemed to help. Workouts can also be hindered by soreness at the site where the needle was placed. Once i had soreness in my left bicep for 5-6 days following donation, after that i always had them stick my right arm and i never had a problem again.
Now i have a crappy part time job instead-much better than plasma donation. My advice to you would be try to get a job on weekends or something if you are busy during the week.
than again, i have know people who have never complained about donations but then they didn’t work out either…

shaggy, i don’t think it indicates a “serious problem” i have done this in the past also. if you have a goal, and some of your means to accomplish it are not illegal, why not. the most important thing in donation is hydration. if you take in enough fluids prior, it will speed up the donation process and enhance recovery from it. my training was never affected and the money was decent. i’ve heard of people do much worse to buy gear, a little plasma is no big deal.

Yeah you can probably get away with it but I have to agree with Shaggy on this one! It would kind of make the Good Samaritan of you but if it’s just for the money I would rather have my blood than a bucket of MRP.