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Plantar Fasciitis

I have plantar fasciitis and wanted to know what people advise to treat it. Thanks, Steve

Stretching your calves, religiously. I have also had good luck with custom orthotics and a good taping job. One visit to a podiatrist did me a ton of good. He did the taping (I have since forgotten how) and he gave me a list of shoes that were especially good for this condition. To be honest, correct shoes do me as much good as the orthotics did. These things got me through the acute period, and it stays fine if I am diligent with the stretching.

Once you recover, roll that shit with a golf ball. Also look into a ‘strassburg sock’.


I agree about the calves being a huge part of PF . along with the stretching , I believe that rolling them out helps also . try to get somebody to roll them with a rolling pin . first time my girlfriend did this to me , she couldnt believe how bad I squirmed…it hurt BAD .

Dr. J…which shoes did your podiatrist recommend ?

Just some additional suggestions to what as already been given:

Calf stretching is of big importance, but make sure you are also getting great toe dorsiflexion/extension involved in the stretch as well. The Strassburg sock is a great recommendation due to the fact that it keeps the great toe in dorsiflexion/extension during the stretch.

Also, in addition to stretching the calves, make sure to also be training for adequate dorsiflexion strength of the ankle, along with good strength and control of the intrinsic foot musculature.

[quote]marlboroman wrote:
I agree about the calves being a huge part of PF . along with the stretching , I believe that rolling them out helps also . try to get somebody to roll them with a rolling pin . first time my girlfriend did this to me , she couldnt believe how bad I squirmed…it hurt BAD .

Dr. J…which shoes did your podiatrist recommend ?[/quote]

I have lost the list, but I’m sure it would need to be updated anyway, as this was several years ago. Several of them were New Balance, but the specific model matters. I have had a pair of New Balance that were terrible for me. I’m trying to remember the key words to look for when reading a description of the shoe…I want to say look for the phrase “lateral stability” but I’m not sure. Also, for me personally, I need to really feel the arch support for the shoe to work well for me.

And thank you for the above tips LevelHeaded. I was unaware of those points.

Thanks all. I purchased a Strassberg sock and have been wearing it at night watching TV. I tried sleeping with it on and just couldn’t. I’m already finding quite a bit of relief from the sock and stretching. Once again thanks for the advice.

the tape job is called a lo dye tape http://www.podiatryonline.tv/low-dye.htm
zinc oxide tape works best, then rub it with paraffin to allow your socks to go on over it easy.

Plantar Fasciitis is normally treated as follows

  1. Stretching protocol- http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRU_PqPEJy4pULxDN4dhhSh5vEZveGOr46diigLrbRqYYEJ6qhi_w

30 seconds each side is one rep. do 5 reps in a row, do 5 sets a day

  1. Ice- freeze a water bottle. Roll your foot over it concentrating on the heel

  2. NSAIDs- normally people like doctors for pills that they can’t get over the counter so they get mobic/voltaryn… Aleve is just as good if you take it on a regimen and not just when you feel the pain. Personally I take more fish oil because I dont like drugs.

  3. Over the counter orthoses. Best ones are Powerstep or Vasyli or spenco. Make sure the hard plastic is behind the ball of your foot when standing.

  4. If this doesn’t work see a podiatrist for a steroid shot in the fascia. Its not akin to getting a joint injection (there isn’t a limit because this isn’t at risk to damage the cartilage)

  5. If the shot doesn’t work, usually you go into a walking boot for 2 weeks.

There are multiple other treatments available. The best (and still not covered by insurance) is extracorporeal shock wave therapy (last study I read showed 100% resolution, but it had relatively low #s).

There are many things you can do to treat your plantar fasciitis. I had plantar fasciitis for about a year and I discovered that treatment is individual. Things that work for one will not necessarily work for the other. The good news is that you have many treatments you can try but you must be persistent and patient.

I have followed a good plantar fasciitis treatment review website in:
There are many self care treatments ideas in there but I think you should consult a podiatrist before do something.
Take care

Thanks Tveddy and Ezrida. I’ve been finding a lot of relief from stretching and using the strassberg sock. Also not sprinting has helped. I’m gonna try the frozen water bottle and check out the websites you guys have suggested. Once again thanks. Steve

I,ve had this problem since last May and it got so bad that it hurt pretty much all day. I got use to the pain, because I did not want to use pain killers. I just figured it would heal on its own, but it didn’t I ruptured it a couple weeks ago and have been off my feet for 3 weeks. It has really, been a huge pain in the ass. I can’t work, because I am cook who works 10-12 hours a day, my squatting and deadlifting went into the toilet and pretty much I am sitting down or leaning against somthing when I train. This really sucks! I know this is a old thread, but all the info on here is solid. The taping works great, but you have to do it right or it will cause damage. I went thru a really long shift with it taped wrong and it hurt like hell at the end of the night. If you have to squat or deadlift only do it once a week and on your day off. I would recomend not doing it until you heal, but some people are hard headed like me. As far as the rolling I found that a baseball worked great. Using a water bottle frozen was good also, but I would recomend doing contrasting water baths 20min ice to releive the infamation and 20 min hot to get the blood flow in there. Also usinga boot is great way to keep your foot at a ninety degrees when your sleeping. The main thing is to get the inflamation down and let it heal, by staying off of it. If you have this problem Its best to attack it head on and get it over with, when it pops, and snaps you will wish you did.
Thats my two cents from upper body town, where I am training for the next six months.

DO NOT forget to follow through to the hips. Yes, your hips may in fact be a major player in the cause of the plantar fascists. Start working from the hips down, worst case scenario is you’ll have more mobile hips.

best shoes for you- Vibrim or Nike Free.