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plantar fasciitis -maybe?!

I just joined this thing. I finally decided to do comething about my health and have been doing a lot of reading on woring out and nutrition.

One of my major problems is that I suffer from a lot of pain in my feet (under the heel and toes). The starnge thing is even though I have tried prescribed othodics from 3 different doctors, I still have experience the pain. Also X-Rays and Bone Scans show nothing - no osteo/arthritic conditions or calcium deposits.

Am I missing something here? Are there other conditions that can cause this pain in my feet?" Could it be in the tissues NOT the bones?

What are my options? Surgery? MRI ( I really do not want any injections)


The pain in your heel sounds like plantar fascitis but I’m not sure about the pain under your toes. I’ve dealt with plantar fascitis recently and really the only thing that seems to take care of it is staying consistent with the ice (15 minutes 2x per day) and DMSO. Perhaps you might find benefit in using lots of ice along with stretches for your entire foot and self massage. As for the bone vs tissue causing the pain in the case of the heel pain it is most likely the tissue causing it (the fascia overstretches and becomes inflamed). Even in someone with a heel spur the pain comes from the inflamed fascial tissue which can be dealt with and not the heel spur itself which is why surgery for heel spurs is usually ineffective.