plantar facitis

I have this in my left heel(self diagnosed i must admit) I hear stretching is good, anything else i can do? any massage? it does not hurt after squat/OL days… just after basketball games:(

any suggestions?
oh and sadly we DONT have ART here in singapore.


Do a search on the web for this and you will get tons of information.

Stretching your lower leg many times a day, specially when you get up and before you go to bed.

Check the net.


Did you:

  1. suddenly increase the amount of time playing Bball?
  2. change shoes?

Either can cause PF, as can increasing running mileage suddenly, or adding hill work without an appropriate adaptation phase.

Rest is really the only recourse. And make sure your shoes fit well and provide adequate support.

After runs in the Army they would have those of us with plantar facitis ice our feet. They kept a bunch of disposable plastic cups with tongue depressors filled in the freezer. It seemed to help.

Oh stop tooting your own horn CAPT will you?

It was ok at first, but now it’s getting just ridiculous. We DON’T actually care that you eat 8,900 calories. I counted all your posts, and youve made mention to that 79 times in the past 2 days alone. Give a rest.

Yes, that was for you captnj.

diesel… i think u have the wrong guy. I have only posted about maybe 3 times in the last few days… and none to do with calories… im 5"8’ and 187lbs… 8900 calories is really out of the quesiton for me!!

hope your find the real culprit…


CaptnJ, for plantar facitis a good suggestion is to have a couple pair of sneakers and change them on a reagular baises especailly if you play b-ball alot. You may also want to invest in some orthotics also. Have you check w/ your orthorpitist also he/she maybe able to give you some other suggestion.

Hahahah. But anyways. I’m voting for rest. At least that’s what helped my mom when she had it. I would also think that just periodically moving it through it’s full range of motion(without any tension/load) would be a good idea. Certainly not harmful. :slight_smile:

Had it in both feet after coming back too hard after an extended layoff due to rotator cuff reconstruction surgery (Hey all I could work was calves). I tried ice and stretching. didn’t help. The only thing that did was seeing a podiatrist getting a strong prescription anti-inflamatory, some expensive insoles, and a cortisone shot in the bottom of each foot.

Good Luck

Lee Heifner

fitone, do you mean stuff like those things you put into the heel of the shoe etc? ok ill give it a shot…

Walk around barefoot as much as you can. The natural mechanics of the foot itself will help.

One thing that will help keep you from re-aggrevating the fascia everytime you wake up in the morning is to get some athletic tape and tape your ankles so that you’re in a constant state of Dorsiflexion (toes up).

That will help with the tissue lengthening and decrease the acute aggrevation upon taking those first few steps in the morning.

get some heal cups. you can find them at sports stores or see a podiatrist. good luck

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CaptnJ Yes, I am talking about those things that you put in your shoe’s/sneakers. Check w/ your ortho for more specifics. Because there are many diffrent kinds.

If you go to get orthotics make sure that you get them from your podiatrist. He can give you functional othotics that can help correct any imbalances you have. Don’t waste your money on the cushioning orthotics they don’t work nearly as well.