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Plant-Based Protein Powder?


Does anyone know of a good protein powder based off of plant protein? Preferably not too pricey. I want to avoid using protein powder based off animal protein.


for ethical reasons?

You can get egg protein powder.

Other than that, there is soy and hemp and pea, but I have 0 experience with any of that.


But mostly try the search function.


does anyone know a plant with good protein in it?



Vegetable (combination or several vegetables)

These are all protein powders based on the idea that 9 grams of protein is a large serving and carbs are high in these when compared to whey.


I like the sunwarrior brownrice protein. Its a bit chalky but its my alternative to whey. with 17g protein and 1g fiber a scoop.


One of the protein powders I use is 30% gemma pea protein. Works fine for me.


Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Pro

6g fat (1200mg omega 3)
5g carb
4g fiber
15g protein
contains all 10 essential amino acids


In my experience... rice protein powder never mixed worth anything and citrus flavoring was an incredibly bad decision.


My buddy turned me onto to Vega, it's pretty good, expensive as fuuuuuuuuck.


What else is mixed with it?


What else is in it?


Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer.
berry, vanilla chia, natural, or chocolate flavors. small (17oz) or large (36oz) containers.
Check out Amazon.com for better prices; as opposed to B&M like Whole Foods.

Make your own mix, or buy individually by the pound.
Gemma pea, hemp, rice, etc.


Most pea protein powders taste the same (...'fairly' good).

Some brown rice protein powders taste like dirt, some taste 'fairly' good. Not a good option.

Most hemp protein powders taste like dirt. Bad option.

Go with the cheapest pea isolate protein powder you'll find.


Isn't pea and soy the same thing? I can't do soy, I think I'm allergic to it or something.


whey isolate and whey hydrolysate


Pea protein comes from peas.

Soy protein comes from soybeans.

I'm not sure if there is any cross-reactivity as far as allergic reactions go.


Yeah, um, no. One comes from peas, the other comes from soy.

In any case, I'd actually take soy protein off the list of options. It's highly processed, and that's where issues of "soy increases estrogen" can come in. That's not as much of an issue with whole soy foods.


Haha no one had an instance where they got high off hemp protein did they? I can't believe they have that.

I'm thinking of going with pea, or brown rice protein powder then. I'd go with VEGA, but as Matty said it's expensive as fuck haha (I'll give it a try later on though).

Does anyone know of a cheaper substitute for VEGA protein powder that has a good all around supply of vegetable protein in it?