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Plant Based Protein or Not?


I am currently contemplating a new begining in my diet and supplement intake. So, before I begin my transformation, I would like to know if plant based proteins are the way to go or if I should continue to shove animal based proteins down my throat.


Don't ask that here. You're not gonna like the response. In short sure, try it and see what happens. I'd be interested to see what happens to your physique and strength.


I'm interested too. That's why I asked. Thanks for your insight and wealth of knowledge.


Ummm go fuck yourself. What do you want people to say? Yea, plant protein ftw! Seriously. I was telling you not to expect anything remotely helpful. Make sure to take pics so we can watch your muscle mass disappear.


why are you going vegan? or w/e you're doing?

I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian my whole life. When I bought and cooked my own food it was easy (1.5 doz eggs a day at least, lots of dairy). It works but gets stressful being vegetarian in a college dorm. I'm starting to incorporate meat into my diet mainly out of convenience.

bodybuilding is primarily about getting bigger and leaner, NOT general health


Dr. Berardi recommends rotating between plant based proteins and animal proteins. Jason Feruggia also loves plant based proteins. Mike Mahler and Dos Remedios are both vegetarians. You'd be in good company with those folks.


Gemma Pea protein is cheap enough to try out for a few months to what happens.

I use a blend with pea protein in it.

Just look at the amino acid profiles and see if it's something that youre interested in.


I'm not trying to go vegan by any stretch of the imagination. My intent is to get a bit leaner, while still maintaining my proportions and strength. I will probably try plant based for a few months to detox and see how my body reacts to it. Then eventually get back to my animal proteins or not, depending if I grow boobs or not. I appreciate the info and I'll look into the pea proteins.


What is toxic about animal protein?

Why do you think your body needs a rest from it? Different protein sources are just different combinations of amino acids, essentially.


I've heard some bad reviews about the taste of pea protein...

Do you concur?


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Tried 3 different brands, and all of them taste the same shit.
Plus they're not so easy to digest, despite the fact that all them were 'isolate'.

But the taste's a bit tolerable with some carrot juice and salt.

Can't mix it with fruit juice or stevia, or any sweetener. Tastes even worse...


its like yellow snow


well plant based proteins contain lots of estrogen's


I got a free sample of hemp protein... and BBB is right, it tastes pretty damn bad.