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Plant and Animal Nutrition

I’ve been researching plant and animal nutrition lately and have found it to be udderly fascinating. Examining how farmers manipulate macro and micronutrients to affect yields, immunity, and fertility. There seems to be a lot more research in this area than in humans it seems, perhaps due to the profit involved. There doesn’t seem to be much money made in human research due to macro and micronutrients not being patentable, and well you can’t eat humans. Not in Canada anyways. :slight_smile:

There’s a ton of info regarding nutrition for racing horses and show dogs as well. It seems the majority of my google searches come up as non-human in nature. I much prefer PubMed in terms of raw research but I find google helps blend the theory and shows alternate explanations than what is usually espoused.

I guess that’s the beauty of working with animals and plants. The ethical boundries are much wider which allows us more access to information than typical human studies. Unfortunately it’s not always applicable to humans either. The possibilities are interesting anyways.

One of my chickens once ate KFC. Now thats some science for ya. Seriously though, animal nutrition is very interesting.