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Plans For The Summer?


What are everybodies plan's for the summer? I am going to be working and competing in athletics mainly. Anybody doing anything cool?


a cruise in a few weeks, a rock climbing trip in colorado in july and a beach house in padre in august, right before the fall semester starts.

it's good to live relatively near a beach.


I'm doing my cool project now- the principal photography for my movie. We'll be done in about a week and a half. After that I'll be at my full time job as much as possible to build up my savings for marketing and travel expenses.


My wife and I usually go to a place with beaches and beers. But we bought a house this year so instead of a poolside bar I will be buying grass, sprinklers, furniture, tvs, etc. Oh well. Last year (and hopefully next year) we went to an all inclusive place in Cancun. I highly recommend it. I will have to live through all of you who actually do something cool this summer.


I would trade in my summer for yours :slight_smile:


I feel you on the home-buying thing. So much shit!

Aha! We go to Playa del Carmen every year also. (Playa, Cancun what's the difference?)


Road Trip!

I am riding my Harley from New Hampshire to Sturgis, South Dakota.

The last time I rode out, in 2000, I was alone until I met up with friends in Toledo, Ohio.

This year I have a boyfriend to ride beside me.



I'll be flying helicopters with the Navy for 4 weeks this summer (I'm a college student in ROTC). Then my summer is very short because I'm "studying" abroad in Gold Coast, Australia next semester. Thanks to your tax dollars!


Alas, I am no longer in school (haven't been for quite a few years) so my summers are like the rest of my year. I work during the week and try to enjoy some time on the weekends around all of the work around the house.

However, we do take some family vacations since the kids are out of school. This year, my entire family - all 26 of us - will be sharing a beach house on the outer banks of NC for a week. It should be fun.

We will try to get up to the Finger Lakes for some long weekends as well.

That will pretty much get me to September.



Seven weeks travelling in Africa from Cairo to Cape Town - a week in Egypt, two weeks in Ethiopia, 18 day safari in Kenya + Tanzania (Masai Mara, Serengeti, hike to Kilimanjaro base camp, Zanzibar) and two weeks travelling the garden route in South Africa - woohoo!!

Then I have to get a real job when I come home :frowning:


I'm working!

Because unemployment sucks.

Oh, and I'm growing more muscles.


I think we're sharing the same goals this summer...I have over 10 shows in the next 8 weeks, 3 of which are in the Albert Hall so I'm gonna be busy as hell.

Oh well, there is always time to train so I'm not complaining - summer cutting is for sissies!


I'm taking 9 credit hours this summer for my masters program, and trying to lose a lot of weight and fat, so I'll try to spend my afternoons outside running.


No school!

4 days on a yacht in San Fran. 7 days in Hawaii. A weekend in Vegas. And the best part of all, all the time I want at Bear Lake.


No school!

4 days on a yacht in San Fran. 7 days in Hawaii. A weekend in Vegas. And the best part of all, all the time I want at Bear Lake.


Plenty of T-people in Australia especially round the Gold Coast. Feel free to PM me if you have any trouble when you get here.


Same as Spring, Fall and winter :slight_smile:


Summer school here at the University of Texas - Austin.

And gettin' swole.


I'll still be working, only breaking more of a sweat because of the jungle heat that sets in by June.


The garden route is awesome.

Anyways, this summer I will be looking at playing a wee bit of sevens, trying to get some color back in my skin, and then getting some new business ventures running smoothly with the old man. Once those are going my life will eventually be like my college summers, except all year round!