Plans for a 'Power Builder'?

Hello coach,

i am a new member of your site but i workout for about 4 years.
Lately, i was doing some powerlifting routines in order to make me strong and big. I combined the routines with 2 extra days of sprints (or another type of HIIT).

But, i read on T-Nation about “powerbuilders”. I got really excited when i read articles like “Combination Training â?? For The Best Of Both Worlds” or even better the “Renaissance Body Development - A Holistic Approach to Bodybuilding” by you. Trully an inspiration article.

So, to cut a long story short, how can i design a macrocycle that will make me trully Bigger, Faster and Stronger?

My future plans were the 5/3/1 wendler’s approach for 2 cycles (8 weeks) and after that the 5*5 Bill Starr’s madcow routine but your article gave me food for though.
Should i stick to my future plans or should i do something else?

My goals are:

  1. to become bigger (currently 85kg hopping to go +90kg)
  2. to become stronger (2BW at squat currently 1.3BW- 1.5BW at bench currently 1.1BW and 2BW at DL currently at 1.5BW)

I would just say 8 weeks of 5/3/1 isn’t enough time for that program. The idea with 5/3/1 is to make slow steady gains over years. It’s not an 8 week cycle type program.

Thinking again and again my future plans, I decided as DoubleD said to stay on 5/3/1 for a year or much more.
As Wendler’s says, strength doesn’t come over a night, it is an year around effort.
I have started the routine, it feels f@cking great when ever i’m in a gym so… is it awesome?
Yes it is.

What is worth if everything go as scheduled i will go from squating 110kg5 to an almost 200kg5 (same with Dl, bench, military).
So forget my previous post, I am sticking with 5/3/1 as long as it takes