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Planning to Use Steroids for First Time


i am 20 years old , working out for 2 years , i am 180 pounds and 16% bodyfat

i never used any steroids before , i build some good amount on muscle mass naturally

i am planning to use anavar 10 mg or 20 mg a day (most probably 10 mg)

i know this is a low dosage , because i dont want my test production to shut down

i dont want be very big like a bodybuilder, i am looking for lean bulk (i mean big but not huge)

i can bench press 80 pounds , squat 75 pounds, deadlift 60 pounds , military press 25 pounds and bent over row 40 pounds, i can do 8 pull ups and 15 push ups without break
i have used creatine and pre workouts like jack3d and no xplode

i am looking for safety , i dont want any side effects and i dont want my gains to vanish after i stop anavar?

is anavar ok for my age? i may use anavar 10 mg for 1 month and stop it , never use it again , i know i may gain only few pounds but not willing to lose that weight
is anavar risky for me? will anavar convert to estrogen? is anavar toxic...i know it is mild toxic but is there any dangers because of mild toxicity ?

and my friend wanted me to ask this question..... is it ok to take creatine while using any steroid ?

thank you


You are already too strong bro...no need for roids..


i have some amount of muscle mass but i want to look ripped ,if i cut down my bodyfat now i will lose strength
i think anavar can make me strong and ripped, i mean anavar prevents muscle breakdown while cutting bodyfat

i also think strength gains from anavar will not go down , so i am just tempted


wow with lifts like like that I'm guessing you are female? or no


i am not a female , i am a natural bodybuilder and bit young

never used any roids before thats why i cant lift much , while using creatine i get 30% more stronger


Don't feed the...


Address your diet and training regime before you even consider going on AS. Somehwhere on T-Nation I posted my experiments with Anavar (it was so long ago that it's probably been deleted). It's an overrated AS in my opinion unless used a higher levels. 10mg of anavar will also do next to nothing for you. Get your groundwork done on your diet and training and then approach the idea of AS then.

Good luck Natural.


Please stop trolling the steroids forum. It's not as funny as you think it is.


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So your max lift out of everything is the bar, a 10, a 5, and a 2 1/2 on each side?


in the words of Dave Tate, "dimes, nickels, and chips are for chicks!"


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You can't bench/squat even (at least) your own weight and is considering steroids? With your age and lots of endogenous testosterone what do you want from an external source? Just spend your money eating more and get to lift some decent weight! If you have trained already for two years and are lifting only that, whether your training is awfully organized or you are seriously undernourished. You can easily drop from 16% to 10% without AS.


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First off u r way to young for gear wait another 5 years jr


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*** Don't do it. Those that do are fools. I was talking the other day at work (one of the top ten hospital systems in the nation) on this subject, specifically why it is that 'roid users tend to die of heart disease. It was explained as burning a candle as bright as possible on both ends. It will wear out quickly. How silly to do that to yourself to "look good" for a few years.


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