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Planning to use Anavar for First Time


i am 19 years old ,i have been lifting since 3 years and i have good muscle size

i can bench press 80 kg , squat 70 kg , deadlift 60 kg

i never used steroids before , i have used whey protein , creatine and some pre workouts like jack3d

my current bodyfat is 15% , i want to look ripped and add some mass

can i use anavar, am i young to use anavar? what is the minimum age to use anavar?

i might go for modeling as i will look good if i get ripped ( i have good muscle size)

i am looking more for safety and less bothered about results.......i mean i need results but i want to be safe

i am planning to take 10 mg of anavar for 2 months and stop it for ever.....can i use it now or can i use it after i become 21 years old?

thank in advance for the advice


Too young, yes.

10mg of Anavar, too low.

Use steroids once and stop forever? Unlikely. Just wait.


You don't lift enough, are too young, and will not likely get any results anyway. Wait till you're older, buddy


okay thanks for the advice
how long should i wait?
can i take anavar after i reach 21 years of age


i want to take 10mg anavar( i know it is low) because i dont want my testosterone production to shut down when i stop taking it

anyway i am not going to use now .......



Good idea, on not using. That amount of anavar is a waste of money.

Also, your lifts are ridiculously low. If you want to post a picture to back up your claim, fine. But your lifting numbers do not support a claim of 'good muscle size' or whatever you wrote


Your testosterone production shuts down while you ARE taking it. And suppressive is suppressive... I've seen the argument that lower doses shut you down less than higher doses of AAS, but it seems to me that shutdown is not a sliding scale - you either are shutdown or you're not.


He wants to model he said.... and I don't think we're talking about Flex magazine... more like Gap or Old Navy